Fans 'Need' McDonald's to Bring International Pie Flavors to the US

Exterior view of a modern McDonald's restaurant.

Another day, another item from McDonald's international menu is going viral here in the United States–this time, it's pie flavors.

Four flavors from four different regions recently grabbed social media's attention as fans begged the burger joint to bring each of them stateside. Three of the contenders are predictably sweet yet innovative, but it was the one savory option that really caused a stir in the comments of a popular foodie influencer's post.

A split image uploaded by Snackolater–a food blogger that has amassed more than 276,000 Instagram followers by regularly taste testing and promoting upcoming fast food releases–showcased Indonesia's Choco Marshmallow Pie (which appears to be very similar to the S'mores version the fast food chain launched over a decade ago), the Pizza Pie McDonald's released in Italy last year, as well as the Crème Brûlée Pie released in Australia in 2022 and the Banana Pie Singapore saw that same year.

Fans didn't hesitate to respond when asked, "Which of these four international pies from McDonald's would you want to try?"

"Chocolate marshmallow..because I love all the smores things," one replied, and many more agreed, writing, "Marshmallow would be insane to have in the states" and "i need the choco marshmallow one badly."

Several others added comments along the lines of "Pizza pie 👀," with one lucky fan who was in the country at the time of its release sharing their opinion of it, writing, "The pizza pie from Italy was actually pretty decent. Had it at the one in Rome."

"Creme brulee," another top-liked comment suggested.

Then there were those who couldn't pick just one.

"Choco marshmallow looks amazing, like s’mores! Although, the pizza pie reminds me just like a pizza pocket, so that HAS to be good," someone else wrote.

"Creme Brulee, the Banana pie, then the S'mores," a second shared. "Maybe the pizza."

A different Instagram user simply exclaimed, "All of them!"

While more often than not fans in the U.S. are asking the fast food chain to replicate an item from elsewhere, recently an entree that is only available here made international customers heated with jealousy. Clearly, the brand is doing something right.

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