Fans Say This is Kelly Clarkson's 'Coolest' Kellyoke Ever

Fans are calling Kelly Clarkson’s latest ‘Kellyoke’ performance on Wed., May 15 her ‘coolest’ yet. Above, Clarkson performs during a Season 5 episode of ‘The Kelly Clarkson Show.’

Kelly Clarkson seemed to think her latest “Kellyoke” performance was the “coolest” one she has ever pulled off on The Kelly Clarkson Show.

For her NBC talk show’s Wed., May 15 episode, the American Idol winner welcomed Rivers Cuomo and Patrick Wilson of Weezer into the studio, where they performed “Say It Ain’t So” alongside Clarkson and her band. A behind-the-scenes clip that the show shared on Instagram revealed the excitement Clarkson, 42, felt at performing with two musicians she has long admired.

“I’m just singing Weezer,” Clarkson said in the clip. “My junior high/high school self is freaking out, but I’m going to be cool.”

Clarkson told Cuomo and Wilson that she was “so stoked” to be playing with them and explained that she had once seen them perform at a show with the Foo Fighters in Texas back in 2005. Nearly 20 years later, she was thrilled to have them on her show as they celebrated the 30th anniversary of their debut self-titled album, which Weezer fans know as the Blue Album.

The clip showed the “Since U Been Gone” singer working with Cuomo, 53, and Wilson, 55, as they decided which of the lyrics she would sing. The final performance, which the show later shared on YouTube, showed Clarkson and Cuomo trading lyrics as Wilson, who typically appears on drums with Weezer, played guitar beside them.

In video footage of the full performance, Clarkson gave Cuomo and Wilson big hugs before turning to her band and exclaiming, “That was our top one!” She marveled over the “great day” after walking across the stage to address her audience, telling viewers, “I’ve literally never been cool in my life until now.”

While sharing the behind-the-scenes clip on social media, the show prompted a debate over whether the performance was in fact the “Coolest #Kellyoke ever?!”

Many of the “Because of You” singer’s fans wrote in to say that they agreed. Some expressed extra love for Weezer in the comment section, while others celebrated Clarkson’s excitement at performing with her “idols.”

“This is a collab I never dreamed was possible ❤️,” one fan wrote.

“I’m not even there and I’m freaking out 🔥,” another fan said.

“Ok, imagine being Rivers and Kelly asking you if you liked her singing your song! 🤯.” one Instagram user wrote in reference to a moment included in the behind-the-scenes footage. “This is going to be epic!!”

“So awesome! Love Weezer, too,” one person wrote as another agreed that the performance was “just the coolest ❤️🔥.”

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