Fans 'Impressed' With McDonald's 2 New Ice Cream Items

Two new ice cream treats on offer at select McDonald’s testing locations have piqued the interest of the fast food chain’s fans.

The treats in question are notable because they both contain the Vegan Approved stamp from the Vegetarian’s Society, according to product listings on the McDonald’s website. The new vegan ice cream comes in two flavors: chocolate and strawberry.

The fast food restaurant says each flavor is “deliciously smooth and creamy,” a description that many fans who tested out the new ice cream seemed to agree with while sharing their opinions online. For now, those who can access the new products for testing will be limited to those who live in or are visiting the United Kingdom, as the vegan treats are currently only available at locations within select U.K. markets, according to Eat This, Not That!

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As one Reddit user who writes about vegan food explained, the new McDonald’s items are a “cross between soft serve and regular ice cream.” The Reddit user said they were “so impressed” by the product and compared the chocolate flavor in particular to Swedish Glace’s chocolate ice cream, though they noted the texture isn’t the same.

Another Reddit user said it was “a total surprise” to them to see the vegan ice cream available to order. They went on to describe the “very tasty” chocolate flavor as a “cold chocolate mousse” that “scratched the itch” as their friends ordered McFlurry treats.

Others who commented on the Reddit thread were excited to learn that McDonald’s was trying something new to appeal to customers who can’t or prefer not to eat dairy.

“Be nice to not feel left out when everyone else is having a flurry lol,” one person wrote as another celebrated the “exciting news!”

“It's good to see a large company trialling a new Vegan product - not been many of them recently,” another person commented.

For now, it’s unclear if or when McDonald’s will bring the new frozen treats stateside, though American fans would likely be eager to test them out and share their two cents on the flavors.

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