Fans Fawn Over How Taylor Swift’s Bodyguard ‘Immediately Relaxed’ After Travis Kelce Sat Down Next to Her

Travis Kelce #87 of the Kansas City Chiefs celebrates with Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce continues to prove his status as "the greenest flag ever" in the latest video to surface of him and Taylor Swift at Patrick Mahomes' charity gala, where Swift's own security seemed to cement the NFL star's status as the perfect man.

In a clip uploaded to Twitter by a Swiftie fan account, fans observed how her bodyguard "literally goes from standing stick straight to leaning on the door frame" after the NFL star was safely seated next to the pop star, calling the man's relaxed response "immaculate."

As someone speaks into a microphone off-camera, Kelce approaches his empty seat next to Swift and joins her at their table. Her attention is clearly dedicated to whoever is currently leading the event, but as her beau settles in next to her and she wraps her arm around his shoulders, the guard goes from watching her with rapt attention to slipping his phone out of his pocket and leaning more casually against the doorframe.

Naturally, Swifties are swooning over the fact that her significant other is able—and willing—to step up to the plate when it comes to her safety.

"He immediately relaxed," one person observed, noting that "at least don’t have to worry about protecting Travis too."

"It’s giving First Daughter," another said, referencing the Katie Holmes-led film where she plays the president's daughter, who attends college with an undercover agent.

"Texting 'big yeti is back in place,'" someone else joked, referencing the tight end's nickname.

"This was my thought," another agreed, comparing it to "the Secret Service" after the "Eagle has landed."

But hey, if becoming her security doesn't work out, fans also think Kelce is well-rehearsed to become her backup dancer on the Eras Tour.

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