Fans Defend Taylor Swift After Some Call Her Out for 'Wasteful' and 'Tasteless' Charting Technique

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift's most die-hard fans are picking up their archer bows in defense of the music superstar.

Following the release of her latest album The Tortured Poets Department back in April, Swift has been catching flack for releasing multiple vinyl and cd variations of the album, which many listeners—and even some of her longtime fans—have found issues with.

Some critics believe that Swift's years-long practice of releasing several versions of her album is just a tactic to boost album sales, and many listeners are getting tired.

Earlier this week, the Taylor Nation Instagram account announced new TTPD CDs that feature acoustic versions of two of her songs, but users in the comments were quick to call out the Grammy-winning artist for releasing yet another variation with exclusive songs on it, believed to be a technique for getting her album to continue leading the charts.

"I’m sorry but this variants thing has gotten out of control completely," one person wrote in the comments, while another person said, "this is so wasteful."

Others were less diplomatic, calling Swift, 34, blatantly "tasteless" and "tone deaf" for asking her fans to purchase another version of the album.

"Yes our capitalistic overconsumption-encouraging queen 💔" someone else stated.

But some loyal fans found a way to defend the "Fortnight" singer, including one person who acknowledged that Swift just released a double album on streaming platforms.

"like...she gave us 31 songs for free," that person wrote.

"She’s running a business. No one is forcing you to buy the different versions. Get a grip," someone else implored.

"It’s literally on your streaming platform with no extra cost to you, and I’m sure the acoustic versions will be posted by someone on YouTube, etc. soon," another person read, while one user urged haters to "just let her do her business."

The same conversation started up last week after Swift released three new digital albums with exclusive live performances, once again causing fans to accuse her of being "desperate" to keep her album charting.

"Taylor I love you but this is getting embarrassing," one critic wrote on X, while someone else once again called her out for being "capitalistic."

But in return, Swifties described Swift's technique for selling albums as a "smart" business model, with one person on Twitter even going as far as to say, "Taylor's the smartest salesperson in music."

"She's so mother for that," someone else applauded.

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