Fans Declare New Pringles Flavor ‘the Best I’ve Had’

Pringles chips

Pringles just dropped a brand new flavor, and some fans are in for disappointment, as the limited-time new offering has been labeled one of "the best flavor[s]" they've made so far.

Food Instagrammer markie_devo shared the exciting new find of Texas BBQ Brisket on the social media platform on Sunday, April 21, after someone named Fay alerted him to the option's presence in their local Kroger.

“'Once you pop the fun don’t stop' is starting to have truth in more than one way😅," he wrote alongside a standard stock image of the new cans, which are labeled as "limited time only."

"One can only imagine that these have a smoky/bbq meat flavor," he wrote, before sharing that it's not yet known if it's exclusive to the chain. "I’ll update soon!" he promised.

"There [sic] soo damn good!" one fan of the new chips confirmed in the comments. "Grabbed a can from my Kroger yesterday. Honestly might b [sic] the best flavor I’ve had."

"So glad I checked IG before going🏃🏻‍♂️‍➡️," someone else celebrated after taking a pre-grocery trip scroll break. "Thank you Fabulous Fay 🙌🏽."

But others mourned the fact that they "don’t have Kroger 😢" and crossed their fingers for an update to confirm that the new flavor would be found on shelves in other stores.

So far, there's no word about its wider availability.

The Texas BBQ Brisket comes in close on the heels of another limited flavor exclusive to Dollar General and Walmart called Cheesy Jalapeño Popper, which shoppers said they were desperate to try.

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