Fans Declare Christie Brinkley's Latest Wildlife Footage Fit for 'National Geographic'

TODAY -- Pictured: Christie Brinkley on Tuesday, December 20, 2022 -- (Photo by: Helen Healey/NBC via Getty Images)

A video montage that Christie Brinkley shared in recognition of Earth Day 2024 left many of her social media followers in awe, including one fan who declared that the wildlife footage was impressive enough to be featured on National Geographic.

The video clips that showcased moments of beauty on Earth were included in one collective video that the model posted on Instagram on Monday, April 22. While Brinkley appeared in some of the clips, others focused on the nature surrounding her. She paired the video with a clip from Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World.”

The video began with a clip showing seagulls swooping onto a sandy beach while foraging as waves crashed nearby. One additional beachside clip showed the sunset portrayed against a dramatic orange- and purple-hued sky. Another scene filmed during the day showed off a tropical setting: a person floated lazily on clear blue water, and a cloud-dotted cobalt blue sky stretched out above them.

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Brinkley, 70, wore a beekeeper’s suit in one clip included in the montage. The former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit cover model held a large honeycomb in both hands as she looked excitedly down at the bees buzzing around her fingers. A separate clip showed her standing along a fence, waiting to greet a few cows that walked in her direction as they crossed a grassy pasture.

Additional clips paid tribute to smaller moments of beauty in nature. One showed a bee pollinating a bright purple flower, and another set in slow motion showed a white-winged butterfly taking off after landing in what appeared to be the same garden.

“Let’s all LOVE our beautiful Mother Earth and give her the respect she deserves! Thank you to all who are doing their part it’s an honor to know many of you,” Brinkley’s Instagram caption said in part.

Fans rushed to the video’s comment section to tell Brinkley that she has “made the world a better place.”

“I still believe @natgeo would love your work...thank you for sharing,” another Instagram user said.

A couple of fans also left comments linked to Brinkley’s song pick for her Earth Day montage.

“Oh what a wonderful world it will be if we protect our Earth,” one person wrote as another said, “truly what a wonderful world 🌎❤.”

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