Fans Convinced Jason Kelce Hinted at Travis and Taylor Swift Engagement

Jason Kelce; Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Fans are absolutely convinced that Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift have secretly gotten engaged, and Jason Kelce's recent antics are only making them feel more strongly that such must be true.

On a recent episode of the NFL brothers' sports podcast New Heights, the duo was discussing their favorite films when the recently retired Philadelphia Eagles center made a comment that set the internet ablaze with further assumptions.

While discussing Adam Sandler's previous movie roles—due to it being rumored that the Kansas City Chiefs tight end could possibly have a role in the upcoming Happy Gilmore 2—Travis said of what character Jason is most like, "It's either Bobby Boucher or The Wedding Singer." Boucher was who Sandler portrayed in the 1998 cult classic The Waterboy.

His big brother quickly responded, "I was gonna go Wedding Singer maybe for you, but..." to which the three-time Super Bowl champion absolutely lost his cool as his face became flush and he burst into laughter.

Many fans took this as a hint or possible foreshadowing, declaring that Jason "can't keep a secret to save his life."

"???? on this episode of jason kelce cant keep a secret to save his life?!?!?! hello?!?!" one user captioned the video clip of the moment in an X (formerly Twitter) post on Wednesday, May 29.

"Every time this man wears this sweater you know he’s about to be xoxo gossip girl. it’s like his surprise song announcement dress," another joked of Jason's chosen attire.

A third replied to the sentiment, confirming, "every time!!!! it’s full of secrets."

Someone else pointed out that "Jason also confirmed they were dating before anyone else… then had to backtrack," adding even more fuel to the Swiftie fire.

"Zero subtlety- don’t ever play poker Jason! But thanks for the tea," an additional social media user joked.

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Another fan said that at this point, there have been internet "articles, hand gestures while she performs, now this as Jason stares right at us? COME ON we know what’s up."

Naturally, someone suggested that it's "Travis' reaction" that makes fans believe there's some truth to the rumors.

"If it hasn't happened yet, it's incredibly clear it's been discussed loudly lol," another X user penned.

On the other hand, some figured he was just poking fun at his brother after getting wind of the rumors by "trolling" fans.

"I fear we are being trolled," one said, as another followed up theorizing, "It kind of feels we're in that situation where everyone knows, everyone thinks its great, no one really wants to keep it a secret, but they've decided on an 'official' date to announce and everyone is just kind of waiting."

Only time will tell if these two lovers are endgame!

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