Fans ‘Confused’ by Brunch-Inspired KFC Menu Item Only Available in Australia

A new menu item that KFC recently brought to restaurant locations in Australia has international fans confused for a number of reasons.

The fast food chain divided fans with its latest addition, with some eager to try out the new brunch-inspired item while others declared it a “hard pass.” A few KFC enthusiasts also posed questions about the basic construction of the new menu item.

The meal in question has similarities to KFC’s Double Down but includes a brunch element not featured in the original sandwich. The Australian version is called the Waffle Double, according to Snackolator, who previewed the item in a Wed., June 12 post on Instagram.

As the food blogger explained, the sandwich features the same two white meat fillets that stand in for a sandwich bun. It also includes bacon and a spicy maple mayonnaise, much as the original Double Down featured smoked bacon and a mayo or spicy sauce. The Waffle Double differs from the original with its inclusion of a piece of waffle that is inserted into the middle of each sandwich.

For now, the Waffle Double is only available for customers in Australia, the food blogger reported. This fact alone raised questions among KFC’s American fans, with one person calling the sandwich “The most over the top American thing I’ve seen not available in America.😂.”

“Why do other countries get these and we don’t? 😭,” one fan bemoaned.

“This is exactly what the US needs,” an Instagram user declared as another said they would “absolutely” try the Waffle Double if given the chance.

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Some KFC fans said they were “confused” by the inclusion of the waffle in the middle of the sandwich. “I just don’t understand why the waffle couldn’t be the bread lmao,” one person wrote as another agreed, writing, “ngl i think it’d be better with 2 waffles as the buns and 1 piece of chicken in the middle.”

While many people commented on Snackolator’s post to say they thought the sandwich sounded “so gross” and was a “hard pass,” some of KFC’s customers in Australia who have already sampled the Waffle Double jumped in to vouch for it.

"American living in Australia here...had one last night and they're surprisingly really good,” one person wrote, adding that the “Maple Mayo is great and the waffle is syrupy.”

“Tried this - wasn’t bad!” another customer shared. “Australian KFCs don’t open for breakfast though, so you can only get this after 10am.”

One person said they thought the sandwich was “surprisingly nice” but felt that “the bacon does not belong on there.”

“It’s actually really nice,” another person wrote of the sandwich.

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