Fans Can't Hold It Together After Halle Berry's Wardrobe Malfunction While Undressing: 'Most Human Thing'

Halle Berry proved just how much she is willing to do for fashion as she shared a hilarious video of her latest wardrobe malfunction with fans.

"Bad and Booshy back at it slaving for fashion! @iamlindsayflores," wrote Berry as she posted the clip on Instagram on June 10, tagging her stylist, Lindsay Flores, who played a major part in the video.

In the clip, Flores attempted to help the John Wick actress out of a top consisting of a bustier over a button-up. The two were laughing even before Flores started lifting up the shirt, with Berry quickly saying, "Ow!" as she reminded her stylist to use the zipper on the side, adding, "You're making it harder than it has to be."

At one point, Berry was tangled up and considered the possibility that they might have to cut the shirt off, asking Flores, "Why did you have me in this?" To which her friend said, "It looked good." Other members of the team started laughing as well while Berry looked like she might've cried from laughing so hard.

Luckily, they finally got one arm out, and with a little help from Flores, who jokingly licked Berry's elbow while saying, "Hold on, I gotta grease up your elbow," they got the other arm out as well.

Many fellow celebrities could relate, with Viola Davis writing, "Man this video makes me feel GOOD!!!!!! I feel seen❤️❤️🤣🤣🤣," while Michelle Pfeiffer said, "I’m usually alone when this happens🤣🤣🤣."

Ava DuVernay added, "Oh my gosh! This. Is. Classic."

Fans felt the same way, such as one who replied, "This is the most human thing that relates to all of us I’ve ever seen on social media 😂😂😂😂 I love you hahahah."

"Baby she did it all while keeping on the heels 👠 life goals! 🔥🔥🔥🔥," commented another fan, as a third said, "🤣😭 a real life struggle for a woman ❤️😍."

While it might be challenging at times, Berry's dedication to fashion definitely pays off, and the actress frequently stuns fans with her red carpet and event looks.

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