Fans are not ok with Game of Thrones' latest twist

The last season of Game of Thrones has been dividing fans long before that Starbucks cup showed it’s face and it’s not hard to see why.

From glaring editing fails, to unexpected twists, to the impossible task of wrapping up the world’s biggest tv show in just six episodes the final season has not gone over too well.

WARNING: Spoilers!

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Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones season 8 episode 5
Fans are not coping with the turn Game of Thrones is taking. Photo: HBO

However last night’s episode marked a new level of frustration from fans, who are furious with what they see as unrealistic ending for characters they have invested over a decade into.

Ouch, but on inspection it’s hard to see some glimmer of a point amidst these reactions.

Fan’s are accusing the show’s writers of letting shock value trump the well plotted character arcs of the Game of Thrones of yesteryear.

The most heated response was of course to Daenerys’ sudden descent into madness, after she is slated as a hero from day one.

Though it has been said the move was heavily foreshadowed, many saw it as a rushed and illogical development.

There are those left hugely unsatisfied with Cersei’s non-eventful end after eight seasons of dastardly actions that the old Game of Thrones would not have let go unpunished.

Then there are those scratching their head over Jamie becoming the equivalent of a moral yo-yo, with no logical thread seeming to run through his characters choices.

In general, people are not happy.

There are those that are beginning to question the entire existence of the show’s final season, and simply gritting their teeth for the end.

Others are wondering who is staffing this writing room.

And then those who feel like the painstaking plot lines aid down n the first seven seasons have been all but destroyed.

Reddit users were equally incensed, shaking their heads at what has become of their favourite series.

“It's been on a downward spiral,” one user argued. “The show is still good, but on a such a low level compared to previous seasons, that it has kinda ruined it for me.”

Daenerys Targaryen's character arc has fans furious.
Fans are furious with the choices of the show's writers. Photo: HBO

There are fans who are loving the show’s final season, but the fact remains that it doesn’t have the unshakable loyalty it once commanded.

With next week’s finale coming up, here’s to hoping they turn it around in time, and don’t let the show end on a bitter note.

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