'Painful' detail on extreme bodysuit ridiculed online

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Extreme fashion like extreme sports comes with risks.

A nip slip here, a swing and miss there, it’s all part of the dangerous game that is avant-garde styling these days, and could even provide a thrill for some fast and loose fashionistas out there.

Images of SHEIN Plus V-bar Neck High Cut Bodysuit cut to hide extreme high cut
This bodysuit might seem innocent, but it's a fashion item so extreme we can barely bear to look. Photo: Shein

One new statement piece however, is challenging even the most outrageous dressers, with an eye-watering detail potentially making it one of the only items we might dub simply too out there for outerwear.

A one-piece from UK retailer Shien, the Plus V-bar High Cut Bodysuit caused a serious stir when it was shared online this week and one glance at it’s staggering cut will leave you in no doubt as to why.

The bodysuit cuts so high, the seam ends up in line with the model’s chest, leaving the material stretching from her groin to her rib cage like a never-ending runway of doom up her abdomen.

Image of Shein Plus V-bar Neck High Cut Bodysuit ridiculed online for extreme high cut fit
The bodysuit features a strip of material that can only be described as a wedgie waiting to happen. Photo: Shein

The extreme cut has shoppers everywhere shifting uncomfortably in their seats, the mere idea of what we have dubbed the skyscraper-cut enough to make us pack in our fashion passion for good.

Retailing for a reasonable £9.99 (AUD$18) the suit is at least appropriately priced for the amount of material used, but shoppers reactions suggest that even the cheap price tag won’t be enticing any of them to purchase one of these bad boys.


Shoppers gobsmacked at ‘painful’ bodysuit

Shared to a Facebook page, the snaps of the suit attracted plenty of ridicule.

Of course, there were the inevitable Borat comparisons, which for once might be entirely justifiable.

“[Is this] a bodysuit?” one wondered. “A Mankini?”

The Borat comparisons were inevitable, and savage. Photo: 20th Century Studios
The Borat comparisons were inevitable, and savage. Photo: 20th Century Studios

Others thought the suit was an intimate infection waiting to happen.

“Hello bacterial vaginosis,” one wrote.

‘Honestly, I can see the pain in her eyes,” another wrote. “Poor lass.”

One hysterical commentator made a very astute observation about a potential secondary use for the suit.

‘High cut?” they wrote. “That’s cut so damn high it’s practically flossing her teeth.”

The retailer hasn’t let the haters stop them from rolling out even more skyscraper-cut suits, however.

A quick glance through the catalogue shows there really is something for everyone.

Photo: Shein
Photo: Shein

Their SHEIN Notched Neck High Cut Bodysuit might even beat out the V-bar for sheer stretch and at £7.99 (AUD$14.60) it’s a more budget-friendly buy as well.

This particular number is so staggering in it’s cut, even the model had to add a pair of underwear to make it appropriate for public, though that hasn’t stopped us from wincing at the thought of donning one ourselves.

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