The Most Critical Area For Sunscreen, According To Experts, Might Surprise You

Do you start at your feet and move up? Give it all a quick spray and move on? If you’ve fallen into a routine of using sunscreen each day, you may be surprised to hear that there’s a preferred method for how it should be applied.

Two women smiling while applying sunscreen to each other on a beach. Houses are visible on the hillside in the background
Catherine Falls Commercial via Getty Images

Are you doing it the right way? Here’s what the experts say.

Top-down is the preferred method.

A person with curly hair is applying sunscreen to their face while standing on a sandy beach with the ocean in the background

Globs or dabs?

A person is squeezing sunscreen from an orange bottle into their hand on a sandy beach

Before or after makeup?

A person with curly hair smiles while applying sunscreen to their nose, wearing a tank top and hoop earrings

Put on enough — and in the right places.

A person applies sunscreen to their knee while sitting on a beach with water and greenery in the background

What type is best?

Two women, one with short hair and sunglasses, the other with braids and sunglasses, enjoying a boat ride while applying sunscreen

Apply...and then reapply.

Person applying sunscreen to their shoulder near a pool, emphasizing the importance of sun protection

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