Date ideas perfect for couples in isolation

Whether you’re looking for love, are newly dating, have just moved in together, or been together for some time, the current situation has definitely changed the way we date and the kind of dates we can do to keep the romance alive.

With social distancing restrictions and isolation meaning most of us have to stay at home amid the coronavirus pandemic, a few weeks in and you may now have run out of date ideas.

Maria Sullivan, dating expert and VP of, says her team has seen an 82 per cent uptick in global online dating since early March alone.

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Are you apart from your loved one during this time? Photo: Getty

“This quarantine actually opens up the opportunity for a more meaningful, likely longer-lasting connection to develop,” Maria tells Yahoo Lifestyle.

“Whether it is a new connection or one you have been pursuing long-term, the distance we’re all experiencing can test the strength of the connection you have or wish to create.”

Here she shares her date ideas that established couples, new connections and first-daters alike can enjoy from the comfort of their own home.

Jump on a call

Give you prospective partner a call! Now is as good of a time as ever to see if their voice and personality resonates with you before making solidified in-person plans.

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Time to go old school and make a phone call. Photo: Getty

Have dinner together virtually

Plan to order a meal from a local delivery service to your partner’s house, while your partner simultaneously does the same for you - the element of surprise will keep you both on your toes!

Hop on a video call and enjoy the meal together once it arrives.

By remembering their favourite foods you are showing your partner how much you care and bringing you closer even if, for right now, you are farther apart than you’d like to be.

You could try the same with wine and have a remote, romantic wine tasting.

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Cook together thanks to great meal delivery options. Photo: Getty

Get competitive

Challenge your partner to a virtual cook off.

This is a fun way to keep the spark alive with some friendly competition and gives you quality time to chat while you learn something new together.

Go to the ‘movies’

Turn your living room into your own personal theatre.

Decorate the room with lights, pillows and blankets, make popcorn and grab some candy to snack on while you watch your favourite romantic show or movie together - great for if you live together but also works via video chat.

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You can still go to the movies at home. Photo: Getty

Virtual games night

Have a virtual game night with your love interest – you could even invite some friends for a round of remote charades of karaoke.

Take a trip down memory lane

If you’ve dated for a while but are apart during quarantine, pull out old photos and take a trip down memory lane.

Jump on a video call and share some of your favourite throwback photos with your significant other.

This is the perfect down time to reminisce about the early days of your relationship.

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So many activities can be done virtually. Photo: Getty

Paint a masterpiece

Melinda Janiszewski, founder of Cork and Canvas, also adds now is the perfect time to organise an online paint and sip session, something you can do with you partner together at home, or virtually.

Cork and Canvas launched its on demand sessions recently and offers creativity kits including art supplies for delivery. On top of that they've teamed up with Different Drop to offer a $20 voucher off your wine delivery order.

“It's really important to look after your mental health during this time,” Melinda tells Yahoo Lifestyle. “I always wanted our sessions to be an escape from reality, a place where you could forget about all your worries and get lost in the creative process.

Keeping your mind active and stimulated is important to ensure you continue to grow and learn so when the storm does pass you'll be ready to hit the ground running.”

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