Was Evil Silence Golden? Did SYTYCD’s Cat Feel Silly? Survivor Rule Change? Were Fire Country Farewells Funny? MIA grown-ish Fam? More TV Qs!

We’ve got questions, and you’ve (maybe) got answers! With another week of TV gone by, we’re lobbing queries left and right about lotsa shows including grown-ish, Fire Country, Evil and Survivor!

1 | Did you have to laugh at how Fire Country really played up the emotional resonance of this “graduation” scene, as Bode bid farewell to… Three Rock inmates we’d barely seen before, let alone knew?

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Fire Country
Fire Country

2 | Sweet as it was to have Blue Bloods’ #Jamko renew their vows at Sunday dinner, did it also remind you that the Season 9 finale conspicuously showed us barely any of their church wedding? Also, was Erin and Danny nudging Jamie to give Eddie “wood” for their fifth anniversary atypically blue humor for the show?

3 | Was SNL host Jake Gyllenhaal going for Hunky Peter Griffin with this monologue outfit? And if so, do you think he took any tips from this?

SNL Jake Gyllenhaal Family Guy
SNL Jake Gyllenhaal Family Guy

4 | How did CSI: Vegas’ Catherine effortlessly make a phone call from the underground DNA lab to 911, when a whole plot point the week before was that Max’s call to Catherine wouldn’t go through?

5 | Is The Chi‘s Alicia/Shaad hook-up the so-wrong-it’s-right pairing you never knew you always wanted?

6 | Can TV’s No. 1 new show Tracker not afford to shoot outside at an actual park? ▼ And TVLine reader Scott asks: If Colter was given just 15 minutes to meet up with the crooked sheriff, how was he able to arrange for not just a plain-clothes agent posing as the rescued girl, but the set-up of multiple floodlights and FBI vehicles blocking the roads?


7 | Do you suspect So You Think You Can Dance host Cat Deeley felt awfully silly calling Monday’s finale outcome “the closest result we’ve ever had,” when this season’s winner was picked only by the three judges, and not America?

8 | Given the exuberant way The Voice’s Nathan Chester reacted to his elimination, would you have sworn he’d heard that he’d come in first place, not fourth? Also, Season 23 winner Gina Miles’ first single is… the same Chris Isaak number that she performed way back in her season’s Playoffs?

The Voice
The Voice

9 | As season-ending shootout locations go, FBI: International’s Olympic ski jump site in Holmenkollbakken is the one to beat, yeah?

FBI International
FBI International

10 | That Cleaning Lady season finale was a perfectly satisfying series ender, no? But since the show is returning for Season 4: Who would you cast as the never-before-seen cartel confidant Derek?

11 | Are we to believe that Will Trent — in imagining a future where he and Angie settle down, have kids and grow old together — would have let himself imagine the day he loses Betty and gives her a funeral?

12 | As much as hair and makeup tried, it’s just impossible to age up The Good Doctor’s Freddie Highmore, huh?

The Good Doctor Series Finale
The Good Doctor Series Finale

13 | Watching Abbott Elementary’s Ava cozy up to Janine’s cousin, did you wonder what happened to Ava’s boyfriend? And how did Tyler James Williams make “I fixed your light” so darn sexy?

14 | Was Chicago Med’s season finale surprisingly ho-hum? Not even any developments between Maggie and her love interest Loren?

15 | Are you relieved that Chicago Fire‘s Damon didn’t turn out to be another bad guy wanting to take down Firehouse 51?

16 | Were any other Survivor viewers hoping Maria would pull out an idol at Tribal Council (and that the edit was just tricking us)? And is it just us, or was Ben thinking Liz (of all people) was the biggest threat out there just… absolutely crazy? And back in the South Pacific season, Jeff specifically said Albert couldn’t help Sophie pick up puzzle pieces during a challenge. Have the rules changed since then? Why was Liz allowed to run back and grab Kenzie’s plank?

17 | Considering the grown-ish series finale marked the end of the ish-verse after 10 years, were you hoping for more Johnson family cameos? Like, even a single one? Shouldn’t Dre and Bow at least have been there for Junior’s graduation?

18 | Why, for the past two seasons, has The Conners centered its finale on Darlene’s son Mark, a character they barely utilize the rest of the season? And can we all agree that the hacking “lair” — both the set and the plot itself — feel like they’re out of a completely different show? ▼

19 | Does Kam’s wheeling and dealing in this week’s Challenge All Stars solidify her as one of the franchise’s most strategic players of all time? Plus, is the show missing out by not including any of this Flora/Tina drama that’s been playing out online?

20 | Are you disappointed/concerned that Netflix’s Beverly Hills Cop: Axel F trailer doesn’t lead with humor, and seems to think this franchise was about its action sequences?

21 | Do we think anyone involved with titling the Dexter prequel is aware that Max’s Pretty Little Liars follow-up already went with Original Sin as a suffix?

22 | Has The Bold and the Beautiful never heard of delivery? Even if he thought that Sheila wouldn’t be there, why on earth would rich Dr. Finn go in person to pick up dinner from the restaurant that employs the Biological Mother™ he is forbidden to see? Also, is there no other pizza place in all of L.A.?

23 | As worried as you are for 9-1-1‘s Bobby, what about his and Athena’s beautiful house?!

24 | Does Grey’s Anatomy‘s Mika/Helm breakup win the co-chief resident a consolation prize for having had the romance for which we waited the longest that got played the absolute least? Exactly how many times is the show going to hit the “Meredith is bad at relationships” beat? And was Winston and Monica’s hookup a classic case of plot- rather than character-driven story?

25 | How much easier would it be to accept ABC’s cancellation of Station 19 if the writing for this final season wasn’t so… freaking… good? Also, has any showrunner ever had a greater grasp of how to play a capital-M Moment than the tag team of Peter Paige and Zoanne Clack? ▼

26 | On Evil, was Kristen’s daughters’ silence in the premiere the perfect nod to viewers who have complained about the girls’ overlapping chatter for the past three seasons?

27 | Who wants to break the news to this new FAST channel….? ▼

80s Sitcom Flashback
80s Sitcom Flashback

Hit the comments with your answers and any TV Qs of your own! 

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