Everything to Know About 'The Challenge 40: Battle of the Eras'

Spanning 39 seasons, 26 years, and multiple spin-offs, The Challenge has become the longest-running reality series in history. Across decades, we've seen reality TV legends be born, iconic moments, and incredible feats of physicality. And so, for its landmark 40th season, the MTV show is bringing together a whopping 40 veterans to duke it to to determine which era of the show reigns supreme.

Here's everything to know about The Challenge Season 40, including when it premieres, who's in the cast, and how the game works.

When does The Challenge 40 premiere?

The Challenge 40: Battle of the Eras premieres on Wednesday, August 14 at 8:00 p.m ET/PT on MTV. The show will also feature a kickoff special, titled The Challenge 40: Battle of the Eras: Countdown Begins, airing Wednesday, August 7th at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT.

When is The Challenge 40 finale?

The finale date for The Challenge 40: Battle of the Eras. However, given previous seasons of the "flagship" series, and the size of the cast, we should expect the season to run between 18-20 episodes.

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Who is in the cast for The Challenge 40?

The cast of The Challenge 40: Battle of the Eras was announced on June 24, 2024. It consists of 40 alumni initially divided into four teams of ten, based on their debut season on the show.

Era 1 (Seasons 1-10)

Tina Barta (8 Challenges)
Katie Cooley (11 Challenges, 1 win)
Aneesa Fereira (17 Challenges)
Brad Fiorenza (13 Challenges, 1 Win)
Derrick Kosinski (13 Challenges, 3 Wins)
Mark Long (8 Challenges, 2 Wins)
Rachel Robinson (8 Challenges, 2 Wins)
CT Tamburello (19 Challenges, 5 Wins)
Darrell Taylor (14 Challenges, 4 Wins)
Jodi Weatherton (5 Challenges, 2 Wins)

Era 2 (Seasons 11-20)

Derek Chavez (5 Challenges)
Nehemiah Clark (7 Challenges, 1 Win)
Johnny "Bananas" Devenanzio (23 Challenges, 7 Wins)
KellyAnne Judd (7 Challenges)
Ryan Kehoe (7 Challenges)
Aviv Melmed (1 Challenge, 1 Win)
Brandon Nelson (6 Challenges)
Emily Schromm (3 Challenges, 1 Win)
Cara Maria Sorbello (15 Challenges, 2 Wins)
Laurel Stucky (8 Challenges, 2 Wins)

Era 3 (Seasons 21-30)

Tori Deal (9 Challenges, 1 Win)
Amanda Garcia (7 Challenges)
Leroy Garrett (13 Challenges)
Jonna Mannion (10 Challenges, 2 Wins)
Nia Moore (4 Challenges)
Tony Raines (7 Challenges)
Averey Tressler (3 Challenges)
Devin Walker (7 Challenges, 1 Win)
Cory Wharton (10 Challenges)
Jordan Wiseley (9 Challenges, 4 Wins)

Era 4 (Seasons 31-39)

Paulie Calafiore (4 Challenges)
Theo Campbell (3 Challenges)
Kaycee Clark (5 Challenges, 1 Win)
Michele Fitzgerald (4 Challenges)
Horacio Gutiérrez Jr. (2 Challenges)
Olivia Kaiser (2 Challenges)
Josh Martinez (6 Challenges)
Nurys Mateo (2 Challenges)
Jenny West (2 Challenges, 1 win)
Kyland Young (2 Challenges)

How does The Challenge 40 work?

The format of The Challenge 40: Battle of the Eras is unknown at this moment. Though we know that the 40 players will start on four separate teams, a press release announcing the season teased an "Era Invitational [to] eliminate the weakest links from within their own Challenge Era for only the best will earn a coveted spot on their team." The statement also teases "relentless new challenges and twists." We're also not sure whether the winners will be a team, a pair, or an individual, though MTV has said the victors will get a "share" of the one-million-dollar prize.

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What night does The Challenge 40 air?

The Challenge 40: Battle of the Eras airs on Wednesday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT.

What time does The Challenge 40 air?

The Challenge 40: Battle of the Eras airs on Wednesday nights at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT.

How long are episodes of The Challenge 40?

About five years ago, MTV shifted The Challenge to air from 60-minute to 90-minute episodes. It is assumed that the network will keep with that runtime for Battle of the Eras.

What happened in The Challenge Season 39?

The 39th season of The Challenge was titled Battle for a New Champion. For the first time in the show's history, there were no rookies on the cast. Instead, the season brought together previous competitors from The Challenge MTV, as well as the international spin-offs, who had not won before. They then fought through a tough competition in three phases, and even faced off against previous champs along the way. In the end, Survivor: Romania star Emanuel Neagu became the newest champion, winning the season.

Who is the host of The Challenge 40?

T.J. Lavin is the host of The Challenge 40: Battle of the Eras. The BMX rider has been the host of the MTV version of The Challenge since 2005, as well as the spinoffs The Challenge: All-Stars, The Challenge: USA, and The Challenge: World Championship.

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