Every 'Survivor' Winner (And Where They Are Now)

(From L to R) 'Survivor' winners Richard Hatch, Sandra Diaz-Twine, and Tony Vlachos

Over almost 25 years, Survivor has changed up its location, cast, and sometimes even format. But one thing has remained consistent for the reality TV giant: At the end of the game, one player is voted Sole Survivor by a jury of voted-out contestants. And across all the seasons so far, we've had a huge variety of Survivor winners, from strategic masterminds to challenge beasts to social butterflies.

The 44 winners of Survivor thus far represent some of the best of the best, true legends of the game. Not only did they each take home the million-dollar prize (two million in one case), but also the title and claims of the victor of their season. And in subsequent seasons, we've seen winners come back, and sometimes even repeat their success. In fact, the 40th season, Winners at War, featured 20 previous winners returned for the ultimate showdown, a chance to prove how they fare against their fellow Sole Survivors.

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Launch the gallery below to find out every Survivor winner so far, what other seasons they've played, and what they're doing now.

<p>In the summer of 2000, <em>Survivor</em>'s first season took the world by storm, changing the landscape of TV forever. And among the players of that iconic season, <strong>Richard Hatch</strong> was one of its most seminal castaways. While the players around Richard in Borneo were looking at their experience through an adventure or a social experiment, he sat back in a tree, seeing it as a game first and foremost. Richard was a part of the first-ever alliance in the show's history, which informed strategy to follow every season (and reality competition show) after. Despite his more cutthroat, arrogrant, villainous persona, Richard still took home in the first-ever title of Sole Survivor in a close vote.<br><br>Richard returned to <em>Survivor</em> for <em>All-Stars</em> in 2004, where he placed 13th. He has also competed on a handful of reality shows, including <em>The Celebrity Apprentice</em>, <em>The Biggest Loser</em>, and the upcoming second season of <em>House of Villains</em>.</p><p>Courtesy of CBS</p>

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