Tell Us About The Time You Met Someone And Didn't Realize They Were, Like, Really Famous

If you've spent time on TikTok in the past few months, you may have come across a few stories of people sharing the times they've met famous people without realizing it.

Text in image: "Have you ever met/spoken to a celebrity and didn't realize they were famous?"
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In one case, a barista in New York City asked for someone's name, not realizing it was Nick Jonas. He gave her a bit of a look when giving his name, but she didn't understand. Her coworker was like "You don't know who that was!? That was Nick Jonas!"

Nick Jonas in a tailored suit posing at the Tribeca Film Festival

In another story, an 18-year-old young musician shared how she sat next to a man on a Southwest flight, and they got to talking about music after he asked her about her ukelele. She spoke to him for twenty minutes about her band and how she just played a baby shower. She eventually asked him, "What kind of music do you play?" to which he responded, "Rock and roll," paused, and said, "Yeah, I play in Green Day."

Musician playing guitar on stage with Green Day's logo in the background

The nice man was Mike Dirnt from Green Day.

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And in another story, a woman talked about a time she took a trip to NYC with her family and got a little lost. Her dad asked someone on the street, "Hey buddy, can you tell me how to get to Madison Square Garden?" She said the man kindly gave them directions, "because of course he knows exactly where Madison Square Garden is! Because my dad asked USHER for directions to Madison Square Garden!"

Usher smiling in a light jacket and shirt at an event
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So, now I turn it over to you — have you ever met someone famous without realizing who they were?

Let me know in the comments or by using this anonymous form! Your responses could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post. Can't wait to read!