Emma Watson baffles fans with wild outfit: 'Trying to understand'

The actress' latest look appears to 'defy gravity'.

Emma Watson has left her social media followers baffled with her latest fashion choice.

The Harry Potter star shared a photo on Instagram on Tuesday of herself and her brother Alex Watson posing in matching blue outfits to promote their new gin brand Renais, and fans couldn’t stop talking about her oddly-shaped dress.

Alex Watson and Emma Watson wearing matching powder blue outfits.
Emma Watson’s followers were confused by her oddly-shaped dress in her recent post. Photo: Instagram/emmawatson

The draped minidress, which is from Spanish fashion house Loewe’s spring 2023 collection, features structured wiring on the bodice to create a bizarre 3D illusion.

Her followers quickly took to the comments to share their puzzled reactions to the “gravity-defying” look, with some people questioning whether it was actually “hanging” from her ears.

“This dress is defying physics,” one person wrote, while another added, “The dress said Wingardium Leviosa”.


“The dress looks like it's floating. I'm trying to understand,” a third replied, followed by someone else who shared, “Someone make the dress make sense pls”.

“I think someone forgot to take the hangers out of her dress before she put it on,” a different user joked.

“I'm all for sustainable fashion but ma'am are you wearing an upside down umbrella?” another remarked, while someone said, “That dress is the result of when you try to fold a fitted sheet”.

Fans were also perplexed by Emma’s brother, who they mistook for her Harry Potter co-star Tom Felton.

Kendall Jenner's strange Loewe jacket

This certainly isn’t the first Loewe design to leave people scratching their heads, with Kendall Jenner’s recent snap wearing one of their jackets being heavily criticised online.

Kendall Jenner wearing a green leather bomber jacket.
Kendall Jenner also recently wore an odd design by Loewe. Photo: Instagram/kendalljenner

The model posted a photo on social media in December of herself in a $7,750 USD green leather bomber jacket, which fans labelled the “ugliest jacket ever”.

“Jacket kinda looks like a ballsack,” one person commented, with another writing, “That coat is giving scrotum”.

“The outfit I’d wear to the search party to look for my rich husband who disappeared under mysterious circumstances,” someone else joked.

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