Emma Stone Was Asked What Name To Call Her By, And She Gave A Very Simple Answer

Ever since Emma Stone revealed in an April interview with the Hollywood Reporter that she "would like" to be called by her real name, Emily Stone, how to refer to the actor has become a recurring news story.

Emma Stone, in a belted outfit, poses at a photo call with a crowd of photographers in the background
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In May, a reporter called her Emily while she was doing press for her new film Kinds of Kindness at the Cannes Film Festival. This prompted the movie's director, Yorgos Lanthimos, to correct them; however, Emma interjected to say, "My name is Emily. Thank you. Very nice."

Yorgos Lanthimos, Emma Stone, and Willem Dafoe at a press conference, smiling and seated behind microphones and water bottles
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Now, Emma has once again addressed her name in a new interview, this time making it clear she's fine being called by either first name.

Emma Stone on the red carpet wearing a deep v-neck, sequined gown, smiling at the camera with photographers in the background
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On Thursday, Emma and her Kinds of Kindness costar Jesse Plemons appeared on Today to promote the film.

A closeup of Emma Stone on the red carpet, wearing a strapless dress and a statement necklace
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Host Craig Melvin interviewed the actors and asked Emma what name she goes by following "confusion" about her name.

A man in a suit speaks on the "Today" show set. Text on screen: "Emma Stone & Jesse Plemons on Today."
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"I'm fine either way. I really am," she said, before noting her real name is Emily.

Closeup of Emma Stone
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She went on to explain that she took the stage name Emma Stone after another actress had already registered with the Screen Actors Guild under the name Emily Stone.

Emma Stone is wearing a blouse and a jacket with voluminous sleeves along with high-waisted trousers. She is holding a small box purse and smiling while walking outdoors to an event
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"It's sort of like when you register a business, and you can't have the same name as someone else," she said.

Emma Stone is speaking in an interview on the "Today" show
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She also added, "I've been saying Emily my whole life...you can call me whatever you want. You can make up a name."

Closeup of Emma Stone
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So that's that! You can watch the full Today show interview below: