Emma Roberts Showed Off Her "Doll Wall," And It's Officially The Creepiest Thing I've Ever Seen In My Entire Life

You know Emma Roberts.

Emma Roberts in a dark outfit with her hair braided into pigtails at an event
Gilbert Flores / WWD via Getty Images

So, she recently showed Architectural Digest a tour of her home in LA.

  AD / youtube.com

If you've ever watched one of these house tours before, you know these houses are always very, VERY lavish. And, of course, Emma's was no different.

Emma Roberts sitting in her living room

There's her wildly ornate bathroom.

Elegant bathroom with a freestanding tub, framed art on walls, and a view of trees through windows

And the throw pillow that is probably worth more than my entire life.

Embroidered cushion with a stylized female face on a striped sofa

But there was one thing in this house tour that I truly was not expecting at all...

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Emma's doll collection.

Emma Roberts showing her doll wall

In the video, she even calls her home a "grown-up dollhouse" and says, "Minimalism is not my strong suit. Every house I’ve ever lived in feels a little bit like a cabinet of curiosities. I loved the idea of making my very own grown-up dollhouse.”

Emma Roberts showing her doll wall filled with dolls sitting on the shelf or in their original boxes

“I’m madly obsessed with them — in love with them. I do love all of them,” she said.

A collection of vintage dolls displayed on a shelf

Adding, “When I was younger, people would be like, 'Aren't you scared your dolls are gonna come to life?' I'm like... 'I hope that every night,' that they’ll come wake me up. It would be so thrilling."

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And I don't mean to yuck anyone's yum, but omfg?????

Emma Roberts holding a doll wearing a cowboy hat

I mean, I'd probably cry if any of these girlies woke me up in the middle of the night...but that's just me!!!!!

Assorted dolls of various styles on a shelf, including one with large eyes and another in a green top


A Blythe doll with large eyes wearing a shiny dress, enclosed in a colorful, patterned box

You can watch Emma's full house tour here: