Emily Blunt Praises Taylor Swift for Doing 'The Best Thing Anyone's Done' for Her Daughter

Emily Blunt, Taylor Swift

Actress Emily Blunt complimented singer Taylor Swift for the kind words that left her daughter looking like she was going to faint.

While promoting her new film The Fall Guy, Blunt sat down with radio DJ Howard Stern and praised the "Fortnight" singer. She confirmed that she's a Swiftie and said that she "massively" loves her before telling a personal anecdote about Swift meeting her and her daughter.

Blunt described how her oldest daughter Hazel had "cut all of her hair off" and was "very self-conscious" about the new look, but Swift said, "God, look at you. You're just like this '60s Beatnik cool kid. I just, I love your style."

The personal compliment appeared to have a strong positive effect on Blunt's daughter, with the actress saying, "I thought my child was going to faint." While it might've been a small, nonchalant comment to Swift, Blunt called the singer's kind words "the best thing anyone's done for my child."

Many fans felt the same way as Blunt about the star, with one person commenting on Stern's post of the clip, "It always moves me to tears how kind and genuine and unique her moments are with kids."

Others declared Swift an "angel," an "American treasure" and  "Such a beautiful person both inside and out!!!!! 💖🌹💖."

"Did I just tear up at a stern clip?" wrote a different fan who had a surprisingly emotional reaction to Blunt's story.

Swift is known for being kind and earnest with her fans, and although she has fans of all ages, young kids are a big part of the group.

Another celebrity previously shared a similar story of Swift's kindness, with Stephen Colbert talking on his show about the singer meeting his daughter at the Grammys, saying, “Taylor was so nice to her that, to this day, I would murder for her, if she wanted me to." Swift complimented his daughter, making a big impression on both the little girl and Colbert.

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