Aussie brand creates pet-hair proof activewear that doubles as shapewear

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Woman in workout leggings tying the laces on her runners
There's nothing worse than rocking up at the gym and realing you have pet hair all over yourself. Photo: Getty Images

The greatest thing about ‘athleisure’ coming into style in the last few years has been the ability to wear your favourite leggings everywhere - not just the gym but to brunch, the supermarket, even to dinner with a long jacket and boots.

If you’re a big fan of your trusty leggings, you’re probably an equally large fan of your lint roller.

Unfortunately, the typically black spandex or polyester blends that leggings are made from attract dog hair like nothing else. 


You’ll brush yourself off at home, only to find yourself picking up another second skin of hair in your car ride to lunch.

There’s another fatal flaw that befalls our beloved leggings - the skin-tight design can sometimes show off a bit too much of the curves you’d rather keep under wraps. 

So, what we need is activewear that doesn’t act as a beacon to fur, making us feel sucked-in and snatched.

And, yep, we’ve found it.

Throw away your lint roller

Emamaco, the Aussie based activewear brand, has answered our prayers by causing a happy little accident.

Model wearing fur-repellant leggings from emamaco and walking her small dog.
Cuddle up with your furry friend and walk away unscathed, with the fur-repellant leggings. Source: emamaco

Their initial mission was nothing more than to create super comfy, buttery soft leggings for everyone to enjoy. 

They swatched hundreds of material types and ended up making their own custom fabric - Supaflex. Which just so happens to be magically fluff repellant.

The Supaflex has an incredibly high-grade smooth finish that repels pet fur - if your fluffy friend leans up against you, they won’t leave any fluff on your leggings. 

If there is any, it will fall off with a simple swipe. Compare this to the hours you’ve spent lint rolling on previous pairs of tights!

As well as dog hair, they also work for cat fur, carpet fluff, and other debris.

Embrace your workout with confidence

If you’re new to the gym or just struggling with feeling like your fabulous self at the moment, there’s no harm in faking it until you make it. 

Model trying on shapewear leggings - three images pulling it from below her belly button to above it.
Ultra-flattering, ultra-secure, this range gives you support and confidence. Source: emamaco

We’ve all experimented with Spanx under a tight dress on a night out - why can’t our leggings do the same?

Emamaco has a Shapewear range specifically designed to suck you in and give you that extra boost of confidence. 

Their thick compression waistband is ultra high-waisted and reinforced with 4-panels of mesh compression to leave you looking snatched, honey! 

This design also helps to give you a bit more support around your tummy and back, so it’s great for post-partum gym bunnies.

Shop the range

Close up of model wearing shapewear leggings from emamaco
These ultra high-waisted leggings act like shapewear. Source: emamaco

Body Shapewear Leggings in Black - Full Length, $65.00

The OG of the Shapewear range. Super suctioning, ultra-high waist. The smooth black material gives you an overall slimming illusion and is suitable for the most active of workouts.

 Close up of. model wearing long line crop top from emamaco
This top can be worn as is, or underneath a larger top. It offers support without compromising comfort. Source: emamaco

Long Line Crop Top, $55

Emamaco’s long line crop tops are also made of the pet-repellant Supaflex material. They come in three colours: powder blue, lilac and black. It’s super comfy with removable padding and no underwire.

Close up of model wearing maternity shorts from emamaco
Maternity wear can be cute, too! These activewear shorts are the perfect piece for your wardrobe. Source: emamaco

Emama Maternity Bike shorts + pockets, $60

Emamaco has an extensive maternity and post-pregnancy collection. These luxe bike shorts - with pockets! With pockets! - are designed to stretch and grow with your tummy, and are suitable for an extensive range of exercises while offering you support.

Head and shoulders shot of model wearing cropped jumper from emamaco
Stylish and chic: this jumper can be dressed up or down. Source: emamaco

Snow High Neck Jumper, $80

Rep your new favourite brand with this super-cute cropped jumper. Perfect for throwing on after the gym or wearing out to a casual girl’s brunch, this organic cotton jumper is fitted and cosy.

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