Elizabeth Hurley Dishes on ‘Simple’ Way She Maintains Her Ageless Beauty

Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley might be 58, but fans constantly compliment the star on her youthful beauty, and now the English actress is sharing about how she maintains her great looks.

Hurley opened up about what she does to maintain her health in a new interview with the Sydney Morning Herald, telling the publication, "My tastes are pretty simple—I don’t drink weird green juices or anything like that."

Elaborating, she explained, "I’ve always watched what I eat, since forever. I’ve never wanted to eat processed food. Right back to my teens, I’ve always looked at the labels on food."

She added that she has cut out ultra-processed ingredients in the last year, declaring that her diet is "very normal" and "definitely not anything new-fangled or weird.”

At the start of 2024, Hurley shared similar comments about what she eats as she gave fans tips, telling them to focus on portions and what time they eat throughout the day. As for exercise, Hurley declared in her new interview, "I don’t go to the gym, but I’m very active ... I don’t really sit still very much," noting that she also has a passion for gardening.

While Hurley's day-to-day self-care seems simple, she still admitted that she makes an effort on her appearance, as it's a key part of her career.

"I work for a cosmetic company, I work for fashion companies, I have my own fashion company, I’m in high definition on massive cinema screens," she said. "So it’s my business to make more effort ... of course I do, it’s my bread and butter.”

Recently, the actress and model shared a behind-the-scenes look at a recent photoshoot that featured the star striking poses while wearing a two-piece silver outfit with sparkling fringe embellishments. The photoshoot took place in a bathroom, with Hurley managing to make a cloth shower curtain look high-fashion.

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