Ed Sheeran Revealed Why He Hasn't "Had A Phone Since 2015," And It's One Of The Best Takes I've Heard In A Very Long Time

Ed Sheeran Revealed Why He Hasn't "Had A Phone Since 2015," And It's One Of The Best Takes I've Heard In A Very Long Time

Ed Sheeran "got rid" of his cellphone almost a decade ago, and I think he might be on to something.

Ed Sheeran in a light-colored suit with metallic accents, standing indoors and smiling at the camera

You won't catch the 33-year-old Grammy-Award-winning artist doom scrolling on a Thursday afternoon because he's a mobile device-free.

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On the June 5 episode of Therapuss with Jake Shane, Ed admitted, "I haven't had a phone since 2015," and I'm shocked.

A man in a suit stands in front of a wooden backdrop featuring the text
A man in a suit stands in front of a wooden backdrop featuring the text

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Ed revealed his cellphone freedom when the host, Jake, offered to exchange phone numbers. "I don't have a number, but you can have my email," Ed said before adding, "That isn't me playing you off either."

Ed Sheeran and another person sit on a couch, talking into microphones. Ed Sheeran is wearing a white t-shirt and has tattoos on his arm

The "Shape of You" singer's team recently gave him a phone for necessary moments, like when he attended the Boston Celtics game courtside with singer Reneé Rapp for the NBA Eastern Conference Finals on Thursday, May 23.

Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn sitting courtside at a basketball game, smiling and holding drinks. Both wear casual white shirts; Ed has neon green sneakers
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"I have something to like video stuff that would then go up on social media," he said. "But it's not like an active working phone."

Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn sit courtside at a basketball game, holding drinks and watching the game attentively, with people seated around them
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Ed said he decided to get rid of his phone around December 2015 after realizing he had too many contacts from before he rose to fame. "I had the same number from like age 15, I think," he said, "and I got famous, and I had 10,000 contacts in my phone that would just — people would just text the whole time. And I was just constantly in touch with a lot of people."

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"I feel like with phones, everyone expects you to reply, and if you don't reply, it's rude," he said.

"Sometimes you're just not in a headspace to reply, you're busy or doing whatever," Ed continued, "but then you reply, then they reply back… and suddenly you're in like 40 conversations at once."

Ed Sheeran gestures while sitting at a console, surrounded by people and screens in the background
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Ed discovered "a better way" to "limit your time" texting and being hooked on your phone by switching to email. "I just was losing real-life interaction, so I got rid of [my phone], I got an iPad, I moved everything onto email, which I reply to once a week."

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"On a Thursday or Friday, I sit down, usually in the car. I blast all the emails. Catch up. Do all the talking to whoever... and that's it," Ed continued. "You can really limit your time."

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"I went to dinner after the Celtics yesterday, and you just leave your iPad in your hotel room. I had dinner with my best friend. We caught up, had a long chat and that was it."

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"No one expects a reply to an email instantly," Ed said. "It's a cultural thing when the What's App tick happens, and then you have to reply." According to Ed, you can avoid people being upset over being "left on read" with an email that lowers the expectation of an instant response.

Ed Sheeran at a red carpet event wearing a casual black jacket over a white shirt, smiling at the camera
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Ed concluded that without a smartphone, he's exposed to "boredom," which is when the best ideas are created. "When you're just sitting doing nothing... that's when I think of a lyric or a melody, or you'll have an idea about where to go next in your career."

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"Nothing creative has ever come out of being connected the whole time. Boredom is what makes someone think of an iPhone."

Ed Sheeran performing on stage, holding a guitar and singing into a microphone. He is wearing a casual T-shirt and jeans
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Sure, Ed has a way with lyrics, but he's not too bad with life coaching. It's a fair observation about our obsession with instant communication and adjusting to our current cellphone-driven lifestyles. I think I should "email" my parents every week instead of texting.

Ed Sheeran at an event, wearing a light blue shirt and a matching silk suit jacket with rhinestone detailing
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Cheers Ed!

Watch the full episode below.