The Easy Dessert Jennifer Garner’s Mom Made ‘3 Times in One Week'

Say hello to our new potluck go-to.

<p>Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples</p>

Dotdash Meredith / Janet Maples

There are few celebrities as beloved as Jennifer Garner. We can’t help but stop and smile every time her “Pretend Cooking Show” pops up on our Instagram feeds. But, as cherished as Garner is, it’s the actress’ mother, Pat, who always seems to steal the show whenever she makes a guest appearance on the cooking series.

A few weeks ago, Garner posted an adorable video of the duo making creamed corn at her mother’s house in West Virginia. And while the five-ingredient recipe looked delicious (and so easy!), we couldn’t help but rewatch the video for her mother’s excitement over feeding the leftover corn cobs to the bears.

“We’re in West Virginia and we can throw the corn cobs over the hill when we get them all scraped,” she said in the video.

Obviously, we weren’t the only ones, as the “Today“ show hosts gushed over the creamed corn video, too.

“Can we just invite Mama Pat to cook on the show?” host Carson Daly asked.

Daly got his wish when Garner and Mama Pat brought their “Pretend Cooking Show” to ”Today” to showcase a summertime staple. The mother-daughter duo made a family-favorite recipe for blackberry cobbler that belonged to Garner’s neighbor and longtime friend’s mom, Mrs. Lantz.

“[Mrs. Lantz] was the very best cook. This is a recipe that she gave my mom, and mom—how often did you make it this last week?” Garner asked on ”Today”.

“I made it three times,” her mom responded. “I take it to every potluck because it’s easy and everyone loves it.”

Jennifer Garner's Family Favorite Blackberry Cobbler

The blackberry cobbler only requires eight simple ingredients, and Mrs. Garner assures it will be one of the first things finished at the potluck.

“It’s always eaten, I never have to take any home with me,” Pat said. “I recently had a potluck on my back deck, and I looked over and people were getting their cobbler first.”

To make the beloved Garner family cobbler, you’ll need blackberries, almond extract, lemon juice, sugar, all-purpose flour, salt, egg, and melted butter. The blackberries, almond extract, and lemon juice go into a prepared baking dish first. Then, you’ll add the prepared crumble mixture with sugar, flour, salt, and egg. Lastly, you top the entire mixture with melted butter and bake “until it’s done,” Mrs. Garner said on the show—which is about 25 minutes in non-grandma terms, or until it’s golden brown and bubbly.

You’ll want to serve the cobbler warm with whipped cream—or ice cream, like the Garners did when they made the dessert on a “Pretend Cooking Show“ episode a few years ago.

Not only is this dessert Garner family-approved, but the rest of the ”Today” hosts raved about it as well.

“Fantastic,” they all trumpeted.

“I might finish the plate,” host Hoda Kotb said, finishing her portion.

“Could you use blueberries in this?” weatherman Al Roker asked.

“Oh yes, you can use peaches, too,” Mrs. Garner responded.

We can’t wait to give this recipe a go, but, remember, if you’re ever invited to a potluck with Mrs. G, she’s got dibs on the cobbler!

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