Eagle-Eyed Fans Spot Nods to Taylor Swift in Travis Kelce's Latest Outfit

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

We can always count on Travis Kelce to represent girlfriend Taylor Swift, even when the two love birds are apart.

The Kansas City Chiefs player, 34, was recently spotted enjoying a day on the golf course with some friends, and eagle-eyed fans couldn't help but notice the references to the "Karma" songstress with his attire for the day.

As seen in a clip of Kelce out on the green shared to X (formerly Twitter), the athlete was repping a Sherwood Country Club hat along with his preppy golfing 'fit—and the hat was fittingly embroidered with the year 1989 to signify when the venue first opened.

But as Swifties know all too well, 1989 is a significant number for the 14-time Grammy winner, whose fifth studio album is famously titled 1989. (Swift, 34, released the re-recorded album, 1989 (Taylor's Version), in October 2023.)

Plus, 1989 is also the year that both Swift and Kelce were born.

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And if that wasn't freaky enough, Kelce's hat also featured a depiction of an archer—another subtle nod to the "Anti-Hero" singer. Swift also has a song titled "The Archer" off her 2019 album Lover. (She notably pretends to shoot a bow and arrow during the live performance of the song for The Eras Tour.)

"his hat says 1989 AND has an archer on it..you can't make this stuff up!" one fan wrote on X, seemingly mystified by yet another connection between the power couple.

And that wasn't the only part of Kelce's round of golf that had to do with Swift, as his friends also tried to throw him off his game by playing the musician's popular song "Bad Blood."

But ultimately, their plan backfired, and Kelce was able to pull off a great swing before moving closer to the camera and jamming out to his girlfriend's mega hit.

Swift, who is known to drop Easter eggs for her fans to pick up on, seems to teaching Kelce her ways, as the 3-time Super Bowl winner is slowly becoming a pro at dropping hints and subtly representing his lover.

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