Eagle-Eyed Fans Notice Nod to Taylor Swift in New Travis Kelce Funko Pop Toy

Travis Kelce, Taylor Swift

Travis Kelce will soon have another Funko Pop! figurine modeled after him, and this time around, it appears that there's a secret reference to his girlfriend, Taylor Swift, included in the design.

As fans shared news of the figurine's upcoming release, some Swifties noticed that there appears to be a friendship bracelet on Kelce's wrist in the colors of the Kansas City Chiefs–a detail that is not included in the 34-year-old NFL star's first sold-out Pop! model. While fans only have product photos to go off, the detail seems to be a direct connection to Swift and the importance of friendship bracelets to herself and her fans.

"Wait, is that a friendship bracelet on Travis’ new Funko Pop…🥹," wrote a Swiftie as they shared a photo of the Kelce toy.

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"I am completely obsessed with this," declared another fan who loved the little Easter egg.

"Omg I want one of those! 😂😂," someone else exclaimed.

"The friendship bracelet is a nice touch 🫶," wrote another Swiftie who eyed the bracelet online.

Many fans also called for the company to make models of the singer herself, with some suggesting they sell a two-pack of Swift and Kelce together.

As for how you can get the new Kelce Funko Pop! yourself, it's not out yet according to the manufacturer's website, but some online retailers are currently offering pre-orders.

Along with wearing friendship bracelets whenever he saw Swift on tour, Kelce has also rocked friendship bracelets at other events, such as his brother Jason's emotional press conference when he announced his retirement.

More recently, Kelce connected with fans over friendship bracelets while attending both the F1 Miami Grand Prix and the Kentucky Derby. Fans should keep an eye out as the Eras Tour starts up again, as they might just see Kelce wearing these bracelets while supporting Swift at her concerts.

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