Strip club's 'creative' drive-thru solution to lockdown restrictions

Penny Burfitt
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

A US strip club has gone viral after it’s creative, and somewhat dystopian, solution to coronavirus lockdown restrictions was shared online.

The Lucky Devil Lounge in Portland, Oregon was just one of many businesses that faced devastation and even closure after in-house dining and entertainment was shut down in the state in a bid to curb the spread of COVID-19.

A strip club in the US has adjusted to the times with a creative take of socially distant stripping. Photo: REUTERS/Terray Sylvester
Dancer Elle Stanger serves takeaway food at Lucky Devil's. Photo: REUTERS/Terray Sylvester

Though the business converted to drive-thru food, they realised unless their main attraction found a way to operate under social distancing guidelines, they weren’t going to make it through.

Luckily, a genius idea saw the club’s dancing adjusted to a ‘take away’ format that not only kept employees going, but turned the club into a sensation online.

‘Drive-thru’ strip club

Tips are left from a safe distant, as patrons enjoy a COVID-19-safe dinner and a show. Photo: REUTERS/Terray Sylvester

In a creative idea that started as a joke on Twitter, workers at the bar became the delivery crew, bringing food to patrons door in eye-popping outfits.

In addition, the club itself adjusted to include its classic pole dancing in a brand new pandemic-friendly format; a drive-thru show.

Cars can park and dancers put on a show on platforms, decked out in protective masks and gloves, and from the safe and recommended 2 metres distance.

One of Lucky Devil's exotic dancers, Karma Jane wears personal protective equipment while performing. Photo: REUTERS/Terray Sylvester

The new dancing service is being promoted as ‘Food to Go-Go’ by owner Shon Boulden.

The owner took to social media to reflect on the experience after images shared online racked up hundreds of thousands of likes and comments.

“Loving the comments and all the feedback we are getting on this on the [Facebook page],” he wrote on Instagram.

“To be completely honest, I'm... having the time of my life right now! Working with all my staff and friends in a completely different, but oddly same environment is part Twilight Zone, part Wolf of Wall Street.”

Lucky devil’s drive-thru goes viral

Dancer 'Toxic' poses before work in a full mask and gloves. photo: Instagram/ yourtoxicaddiction

Shared to Twitter, the striking images of the club sparked a massive response, with thousands commenting on their reactions to the futuristic-looking setup.

“This kinda owns,” one person wrote.

“They’re so creative!” admired another.

“This is pretty dope,” agreed another.

Most couldn’t help but draw parallels between the snaps and dystopian films like BladeRunner, pointing out that sex work in face masks was hardly something anyone expected before 2020.

It comes as many sex workers join other casual and tips-based employees who struggle to access governments’ welfare schemes for those affected by the lockdown.

Many ex-workers are turning to online work as a new way of making cash.

Others fear being left in the cold as the switch to digital poses a risk to their formerly hidden identities, and others are returning to old forms of work to keep in business as we wait out the pandemic.

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