Drew Barrymore thought she was going to be murdered on a first date: 'He was someone I thought I knew'

Drew Barrymore thought she was going to be murdered on a first date: 'He was someone I thought I knew'

“You were in 'Scream,' don’t you know how horror movies go!?" Her co-host Ross Mathews yelled.

Do you like scary movies? Because Drew Barrymore essentially found herself trapped in one while on a frightening first date. 

The Scream actress revealed on Tuesday’s episode of her talk show that she once went on a date with a man only to become convinced that "he was gonna murder me." While she didn't disclose the man's name, Barrymore explained that she initially felt safe going out with him because the pair had mutual friends.

“He was someone I thought I knew! Or I knew a lot of people who knew him, so it felt safe, right? That feels safe. And he was really cute, and I was like, ‘Okay,’” she admitted. “He was like, ‘Come to my apartment,’ which, I, again, if I didn’t know people who know him would have never done. Ever.”

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Drew Barrymore

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Barrymore said she arrived at the place only to find that he was “in the middle of a remodel” at the time. “We both love home design, that’s my passion — I find out that’s his — and I’m walking through his house and we go down to the basement,” she added as she began to laugh.

Cue one very concerned Ross Mathews. “Stop. Why are you going to the basement?” He interjected, to which Barrymore replied, “Because I thought I knew this person!” 

Her co-host was not having it. “You were in Scream, don’t you know how horror movies go!?” He scolded as the crowd applauded. “This is step one! You don’t do that!”

Barrymore, who described herself as a “big fan of laundry,” explained that the reason she went down into the one place you’re never supposed to go in a horror film was to see the man’s laundry room.

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“I’m in the basement, in the laundry room, and there’s a giant, I can’t even explain how large size roll of clear plastic [wrap],” she said. “And I am in this room and I look down and I just went, ‘…I need to go back upstairs.’”

She quickly fled the imaginary crime scene and, once safely back upstairs, told the guy, “‘You know, I know we don’t really know each other, but I was really afraid that you were going to murder me.’”

Thankfully, the man wasn’t offended by her assumption. “It totally bonded us,” Barrymore said. “We knew each other for a couple years and would see each other here and there and made more friends than, like, dating, but we always joked about it. The night I thought he was gonna murder me.”

Watch Barrymore recount the incident in the clip above.

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