Doris Day's grandson's shocking claim

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Doris Day's grandson says he was barred from having contact with his grandmother. Photo: Getty Images

Doris Day’s grandson has claimed that her management barred him from visiting his grandmother, and he only learnt of her death through news reports.

The shocking claims come after Doris passed away at 97 years old on Monday, May 13.

Now Ryan Melcher, Doris’ only grandson, has taken to social media, claiming an unidentified ‘business manager’ and ‘former fan’ of his grandmother barred him from making contact with her.

In the full statement posted to his Facebook page, Ryan commemorated his iconic grandmother, but shared bitter claims regarding intervention in their relationship.

“...I received the news of my grandmother’s passing like many of you — I awoke and read the news in a social media feed Monday morning,” he revealed.

He claims after his parents’ messy divorce, he was estranged from his grandmother for some time, but that she reached out hoping to reconnect over dinner years later.

Then, her manager stepped in.

Ryan claims the manager called him to a private meeting in which he forbade him from seeing his grandmother.

Doris Day's manager allegedly cut contact between her and her grandson. Photo: Getty Images

He detailed the conversation saying, “‘I’m afraid you aren’t going to be able to see your grandmother,’ citing the divorce between my parents as his excuse.”

“All this to say: the dinner between my grandma and I never took place.”

“Any and all communication was cut off from that point on and I was left bewildered,” he said.

Charley Cullen Walters, who worked on Doris’ 2011 album but was not her manager, told People that he tried to contact Ryan but never received a response.

“We made an attempt to reach out to Ryan twice,” he said, “For the 35th anniversary of the DDAF Foundation and her 90th birthday party [in 2014], and didn’t get a response.

“I always respected it as there was a statement on his website that said he did not want to be contacted about celebrity or Hollywood.”

That line on Ryan’s website reads: “While delighted to respond to real estate related inquiries, Ryan is not particularly interested in being contacted by persons with a specific interest in any ‘celebrity’ affiliations”.

Ryan is the son of Doris' only son Terry, pictured here with his mother. Photo: Getty Images

It’s not the first unusual rumour to emerge in the wake of the actress’ death, earlier in the week, her organisation revealed the actress had asked for no commemorations in the wake of her death.

"Doris' wishes were that she have no funeral or memorial service and no grave marker,” the organisation revealed in a statement.

The strange request was in part explained by her current manager and Chief Financial Officer, Bob Bashara, who confirmed the legendary performer wanted ‘no funeral, no memorial and no marker.’

“She didn’t like death, and she couldn’t be with her animals if they had to be put down,” Bashara told People.

“She had difficulty accepting death.”

Bob Bashar is not named in Ryan’s statement.

Doris' organisation said the actress didn't want any memorial of her death. Photo: Getty Images

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