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Dog lovers - here's the perfect gift for your fur baby

Treat your pup to a customised bed, blanket or towel

Dogs deserve to be as comfy as any member of the family, which is why Fuzzhous created a line of customisable beds, towels and blankets for your four-legged friend.

Designed, printed and sewn in Australia, Fuzzhous products are available in 50 fun prints, so every possible aesthetic is catered for. Pick a size to provide the perfect snuffle den for your pooch, then choose a print for your item and select from 14 fonts to personalise it with your pup's name.

Dog on Fuzzhous bed
Every Fuzzhous dog bed is comfy, durable and one of a kind. Photo: Supplied

Making it pawsome

The team at Fuzzhous is serious about giving your dog the best rest possible. Every item is made with soft yet hard-wearing fabrics with durable stitching to withstand hundreds of dream plays. They're also hypoallergenic, for dogs and owners with sensitive snouts.


Beds feature a plush recycled PET infill and removal cover, both of which are machine washable. The super-soft blankets and their versatile dog towels are both also machine washable.

Dog on Fuzzhous bed
Choose from 50 fun prints and designs to match your pup. Photo: Supplied
Dog on Fuzzhouse bed
Create the perfect dog bed for your best friend. Photo: Supplied


Generously sized at 160cm x 80cm, Fuzzhous towels are made from highly absorbent, quick drying and durable fabric that's guaranteed to get your dog clean and dry within minutes. They're also lightweight, compact and reversible, making them a must-have item for dog walks or swims at the beach.

Make sure your dog stands out from the pack with a one-of-a-kind bed, towel or blanket... or one of each.

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