Does Bobby Die on '9-1-1'? Unpacking This Week's Intense Cliffhanger

Angela Bassett and Peter Krause in '9-1-1'

Week after week, we have seen the members of the 118 fight tooth and nail through personal, professional and existential struggles. As Season 7 of 9-1-1 comes to a close, that has never been more the case. The penultimate episode brought viewers dizzying cliffhanger after dizzying cliffhanger, and much is left to be unraveled in next week's finale.

The latter half of this season has seen the majority of characters reckon with the resurfacing of old wounds, like Chimney (Kenneth Choi) being haunted by Maddie's (Jennifer Love Hewitt) late ex-husband in hallucinatory visions several episodes prior. This episode's theme is no different as Bobby (Peter Krause), Eddie (Ryan Guzman) and Hen (Aisha Hinds) are all forced to deal with their past traumas.

Does Bobby die on 9-1-1?

Taking center stage is Bobby's crisis, which continues the exploration of his difficult childhood caring for his alcoholic, abusive father (who eventually succumbed to the illness), as well as his grief and survivor's guilt at the apartment complex fire he inadvertently caused that claimed the lives of 148 people, including his family. As a result of encountering survivor Amir (Malcolm-Jamal Warner) in last week's episode, Bobby feels undeserving of the heroic award he is presented with that opens "Ashes, Ashes" and impulsively decides to quit his post as captain.

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Throughout the episode, Bobby covertly begins handing the reigns to the rest of his crew, leading Athena (Angela Bassett) to confront his avoidance and address his past suicidal behavior. After the argument, Bobby dreams of an interaction with his late dad, who offers him a drink. As reality creeps into the vision, he realizes that the home is on fire, rushing to rescue and save Athena. But when he takes in the view of the razed house, his chest seizes and he collapses to the ground, unconscious. The episode closes out with paramedics attempting to revive him via defibrillator.

Meanwhile, Eddie, at Buck's (Oliver Stark) behest, comes clean to boutique worker Kim about his past, including the fact that she's a dead-ringer for his late wife Shannon (both characters are played by the same actress, Devin Kelley). While the initial confession leaves Kim overwhelmed and disappointed, she later returns with the selfless offer of helping him role-play a sense of closure. As Eddie is unloading his feelings of betrayal and anguish to this "ghost of a second chance," they are interrupted by his son Christopher (Gavin McHugh) and girlfriend Marisol (Edy Ganem). The scene closes with Chris' confusion, as he questions whether the woman in front of him is his mother.

The C-narrative this week finds Hen dealing with the unintended fallout of the work-related mistakes of her past, including her recent mishandling of an accident that claimed the life of a councilwoman's son. Because of her grief and ill-will toward Hen, the councilwoman orchestrates the revoking of Hen and Karen's (Tracie Thoms) adoption license, meaning that the couple loses custody of young Mara (Askyler Bell) ahead of the completion of the adoptive process. The heart-wrenching moment closes with Hen promising the child that they are still a family, regardless of location.

Audiences will have to tune in next week for the season finale of the ABC drama to see how the 118's storylines are wrapped up.

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