Tigerlily on her music journey, spiky bras and her favourite place to DJ in Europe

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DJ Tigerlily chats to Danny Clayton. Photo: Build Series Sydney
DJ Tigerlily chats to Danny Clayton. Photo: Build Series Sydney

Australian DJ and producer Tigerlily - born Dara Kristen Hayes - has achieved a lot since she placed second in the ‘Your Shot’ DJ competition in 2011.

The talented 27-year-old dropped by Build Series Sydney to chat about her career thus far with host Danny Clayton, eight years after he interviewed her for the first time.

“You were so nervous,” Danny recalls of their meeting a few days after ‘Your Shot’.

“Oh my God, I actually remember that!” Tigerlily replied, before reminiscing about her hair - it was dyed “pink, purple and dark brown” - and the eye-catching outfit she was sporting at the time.

“I had a phase where I was wearing spiky bras, spiky boots, spiky accessories. I was just like black and spiky and trying to be a bad-ass,” she laughed.

These days, Tigerlily’s locks are a shade of lavender, and her music career has come leaps and bounds.

“It seems like a lifetime ago, it’s so crazy to think back and think about how much stuff I’ve done,” she said.

Photo: Build Series Sydney
Photo: Build Series Sydney

That ‘stuff’ includes receiving an ARIA nomination, winning 2018 Performer of the Year at Cosmopolitan’s ‘Women of the Year’ awards and just generally being considered one of the country’s most in-demand female DJs.

Despite that, Tigerlily revealed that she can’t put her finger on one career-defining moment from the past decade - “It’s just been little progressions,” she said.

Tigerlily also chatted about her love for Europe, where she goes over to perform “three to four times a year”.

Her favourite location? “Italy is amazing, I have so many beautiful fans over there”.

The jet-setting DJ told Danny that she’s “really looking forward” to her debut gig in Portugal next week.

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