'Terrifying!' Disney slammed for bizarre nudity cover-up

Marni Dixit
Lifestyle & Entertainment Producer

Disney classic Splash made its way to Disney+ this year, but one Twitter user has discovered that the movie has been updated for the streaming service in a very strange way.

Alison Pregler took to Twitter to reveal Disney had covered up Daryl Hannah's bum in the movie with "digital fur technology".

Fans are slamming Disney for editing a scene from Splash by covering up a character's bum with 'digital fur technology'. Photo: Buena Vista Distribution

She joked, "Disney+ didn't want butts on their platform so they edited Splash with digital fur technology."

Someone else followed up with a clip of the original scene:

Other users joked about how Disney allowed the Hulk's butt to appear in Thor: Ragnarok:

Some thought it was hypocritical of Disney to allow all the violence in the Marvel movies stay as they were, while this scene 'needed' editing.

Others pointed out that Bart Simpson was still nude in The Simpsons Movie.

Someone else wrote, "It looks TERRIFYING."

Another added, "There comes a point when nudity censorship crosses a line into creepy prudishness, this is it."

Splash stars Tom Hanks as a young man who falls in love with a mermaid named Madison, played by Daryl Hannah, who saves him from drowning. She is able to transform into a human, but when she gets wet she changes back.

The film was given a PG rating because none of the nudity was sexual and "all essential to the plot" according to iMDB.

In another scene where Madison visits the Statue of Liberty in the nude, she's been blurred.

In another scene where Madison (Darryl Hannah) visits the Statue of Liberty, she was blurred instead of covered up. Photo: Buena Vista Entertainment

On Disney+, the film begins with a notice saying, "This film has been modified from its original version. It has been edited for content."

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