Disappointed' Swifties Share Bold Message to Fans Waiting Outside Taylor Swift's Hotel

While Taylor Swift continues her Eras Tour across Europe, Swifties are calling out people waiting outside of the star's hotel after a new video showed a crowd watching cars leave the accommodations.

One fan of Swift shared a video originally taken by TikTok user mollyrowell1 that featured text overlaid that said, "Taylor Swift leaving her hotel in Edinburgh."

The Swiftie commented, "Disappointed to see people can’t just leave Taylor alone, what are you expecting? Her to get out the car and thank you for stalking her hotel????"

Many fans agreed, with replies like, "You don’t even know which car she’s in. So like what’s the point??" and "this is so weird. don’t do this."

Others called it "incredibly annoying," "disturbing," and "really invasive and wrong on so many levels," as quite a few referenced Swift's 2020 documentary Miss Americana in which she talked about the negative effects of fame, with a Swiftie writing, "miss americana literally taught y'all nothing."

As for the original post, the fan who took the video captioned it, "Pov you took a wrong turn looking for your hotel and find Taylor," and according to fans who messaged her, she claimed that she "stumbled across this by chance, we are not stalkers."

But fans still questioned why she took the video and posted it, with one writing, "why did you stay then.. this crosses so many boundaries." Since then, the user has turned off captions on the TikTok video.

There have been similar instances with Swift in the past, such as when she attended her friend and frequent collaborator Jack Antonoff's wedding in New Jersey, with crowds of people heading to the restaurant hosting the rehearsal dinner hoping to get a glimpse of the star.

In another instance, Swifties called out people taking and sharing photos from Swift's vacation with boyfriend Travis Kelce in March.

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