Did Costco's Beloved Beef Lasagna Really Get The Death Star?

Kirkland Signature beef lasagna
Kirkland Signature beef lasagna - The Image Party/Shutterstock

While Costco has plenty of great deals on a variety of products, plenty of members would agree that the true MVP of the franchise is the food. The in-house fresh offerings are so good Costco is cracking down on non-members eating at the food court, and this also applies to packaged food sold under the signature Kirkland name. Even if you may want to avoid Costco's Kirkland sliced turkey, the food offerings are frequently well-received. Although we can't say for sure, it seems like one of the chain's most well-known Kirkland products is possibly disappearing from store shelves after receiving the dreaded star of death.

Kirkland's Signature Beef Lasagna is no newcomer, but opinions on it vary greatly, with some customers loving it and some declaring it vastly inferior to the similar beef lasagna with Italian sausage. Whether Costco shares this sentiment is unclear, but a Redditor recently spotted the beef lasagna at a Costco (possibly in Georgia) with the 'star of death' next to its name. This star typically signifies that the product might not return, at least not at that specific location, potentially altering your shopping routine.

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It's Not Clear If The Beef Lasagna Is Actually Going Away

Costco logo on building side
Costco logo on building side - Tada Images/Shutterstock

If you're not familiar with the Costco star of death, it is an asterisk next to a product name that indicates Costco likely won't be reordering it (company employees refer to it as "pending delete"). Sometimes, this means the item is going away forever, but that's not always true; the star of death might appear if an item is seasonal or will just be repackaged and sold in a different size.

We're left in a state of uncertainty, not knowing whether the beef lasagna is going the way of the dodo or simply seeing some sort of rebrand, though some customers are speculating that a staple like this is likely just to see a packaging change. This uncertainty is further heightened by the fact that often, items that a store is trying to offload due to cancellation will be marked with a price ending in .97 or .00, while a product ending in .49 is more likely to be some sort of manufacturer markdown where Costco itself got a special deal and is passing that on to the consumer. Still, if you're a big fan of the Kirkland signature beef lasagna, you might want to stock up now, just in case.

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