Detail in couple’s wedding snap turns heads: 'Crop it out'

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When you hear the call of nature, it can't be ignored — even if it's the middle of a wedding ceremony, it seems.

That's what happened when a four-legged member of a couple's wedding party relieved themselves as they were exchanging vows beside a lake.

A couple gets married by the edge of a lake
A head-turning detail in one couple’s wedding snap had others wondering why they didn't simply crop it out. Photo: Facebook.

Pooping pooch

The hilarious moment was captured on camera, showing a King Charles cavalier spaniel casually doing a poo on the lush grass while the newlyweds said 'I do' just a few meters away.

There's so much going on in the scene, however, that the pooping pup isn't immediately apparent.

Along with the couple and the marriage celebrant, a groomsman is seen wrangling a wayward toddler while a second groomsman holds the bride's bouquet of greenery.


It's only when the eye reaches the bottom right-hand corner of the pic that you notice the dog, tail cocked and mid number two.

It appears that there were no hard feelings toward the pooch, with the bride or groom sharing the snap to Facebook with the caption: "I'm not even mad at her. Shit happens!"

It does indeed.

'Friggin funny'

Other Facebook users got a kick out of the dog's ill-timed toilet visit, with many taking to the comments to share their thoughts.

"Now that’s friggin funny," admitted one.

"I mean the scenery is awesome but oh god the smell," said another.

"With one guy wrangling the kid and ring box (?) and the other guy with the dog there's no way I'd be paying attention to the ceremony. Side show is where it's at," said a third.

Others were concerned about potential run-ins with the spaniel's wedding 'gift'.

"Can you imagine walking just a bit too close by that spot in that long dress and giving it an unexpected custom dye job?" they wondered.

Another user thought the couple should've given the dog the snip — in the metaphorical sense, of course.

"Should have cropped that photo lol," they wrote.

One sheepishly admitted that they'd had a similar experience with their own pet.

"My dog took a shit right behind me and my husband during our ceremony," they revealed.

While another praised the couple for having a 'sense of humour' about the whole thing.

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