Dennis Quaid Recalls “Parent Trap ”Screen Test with 'Talented' Lindsay Lohan: 'She Was Like Marlon Brando' (Exclusive)

The 'Lawmen: Bass Reeves' actor tries out his drawing skills for an exclusive video with PEOPLE

Dennis Quaid is still in awe of young Lindsay Lohan's talent, decades after they made The Parent Trap together.

In PEOPLE's latest Drawing from Memory, Quaid attempts to draw the ripped wedding photograph from the 1998 family movie. In the film, the iconic split photo is how twins Hallie and Annie piece together their shared parentage.

Musing about the film, Quaid, 70, says of Lohan, "She was 11 years old and I couldn't believe that somebody could be that talented."

Quaid played Nick Parker in the movie, a laid-back vinter and father to Hallie and Annie, who were both portrayed by Lohan.

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He adds, "She was like Marlon Brando, at 11 years old. She was totally fearless."



Quaid also touches on one of his favorite moments from the making of The Parent Trap, picking his screen test with Lohan.

This isn't the first time that Quaid has given props to his former costar, who he stays in touch with. The Lawmen: Bass Reeves actor told E! News in an interview that the Mean Girls actress, 37, sent him a happy birthday video message in April.



A little later in the PEOPLE video, PEOPLE Quaid attempts to draw a role he turned down. The star draws a baseball, reminding fans that he was up for Tom Hank' role in A League of Their Own.

<p>Brenton Ho/Variety via Getty Images; John Nacion/Getty Images</p>

Brenton Ho/Variety via Getty Images; John Nacion/Getty Images

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Keeping in the sports theme, Quaid also draws his car from the 2023 golf film The Long Game, about a group of Mexican-American golf caddies in Texas in the 1950s who were banned from playing golf at an all-white Texas country club.

The Long Game is now available exclusively on digital platforms to own or rent and available to own on DVD on June 11, 2024, from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.

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