Demi Lovato shocks with candid sex confession

The star gave a surprisingly X-rated answer to a question about confidence.

Demi Lovato at the 2023 VMAS in black leather jacket
Demi Lovato at the 2023 VMAS. Photo: Getty

Singing superstar Demi Lovato has opened up about her sex life in a candid interview, shedding some light on her current relationship.

Demi, who's recently released new album Revamped – a remixed collection of her hit songs with a rock twist – was recently asked when she feels most confident, and her answer was surprisingly honest.

"I feel the most confident when I’m having sex,” she said in an interview on the LadyGang podcast.

“Because you’re so present that you’re not thinking about what is actually like," the star elaborated.

"What clouds your judgment throughout the rest of the day, or at least that’s how it is for me. It’s not that way for everybody.”


Demi's dating life

Demi Lovato and boyfriend Jute in pool
Demi Lovato has been in a relationship with Canadian musician Jutes since 2022. Photo:

The pansexual singer recently opened up about her hit queer song 'Cool For The Summer' saying it was written about a relationship she was in with another famous woman.

Though she didn't drop names, she said the relationship never went public and that she never told the woman in question that the song was about her.

"I'm in a relationship now, and I feel like that would be inappropriate," she told Howard Stern. "I missed the moment."

Demi is currently dating Canadian musician Jute, who she met when she was recording her 2022 album Holy Fvck.

Recently Jute (real name Jordan Lutes) paid tribute to Demi on her birthday, calling her his 'best friend'.

"Your heart has changed lives all over the planet… especially some dude from a farm in Canada who wound up in your session over a year ago."

"I didn’t know the perfect person existed until I met you. But now that I do, I’m gunna spend the rest of my life protecting you and doing whatever I can to squeeze another smile and belly laugh outta you," he finished the post with.

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