The bizarre ingredient in the fastest growing skincare brand in Priceline

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When you’re on the hunt for a new toner, serum or hand cream, chances are the last ingredient you look out for in your new product is deer milk.

But that’s exactly what’s attracting people to New-Zealand brand Kotia, which has recently been announced as the fastest growing new skincare brand in Priceline.

Kotia is the fastest growing skincare brand in Priceline. Photo: Supplied

The brainchild of Otago farmer, Graeme Shaw, Kotia has people going wild for the hydrating and brightening properties of their skincare line.

It all started when a milk hand discovered that her hands transformed over the space of a few weeks simply by milking deer.

Her nails were stronger and less prone to breakage and her hands became softer and brighter.

Kotia was born and now the whole line of deer milk products promises to prevent premature aging.

The hero ingredient is none other than deer milk. Photo: Supplied

If you’re thinking that there are already a tonne of goat milk products out there so deer milk skincare must be pretty similar, then think again, as Lincoln University found that deer milk has up to three times more protein in comparison to goat, sheep or cow milk.

Kotia’s range includes a $60 hydrating day cream with SPF15, a $65 regenerating night cream and a $55 brightening eye cream amongst its range.

People online have been going nuts for the products, with one person saying they feel ‘super luxurious’.

“I have been loving how well they have slotted into my routine, also how divine is the packaging,” one person said.

“It is so rich and creamy! I’ve used these three products so far and they are so luxe! I have heard amazing things so far and they have a really good reputation so it’ll be interesting to see how they perform,” another fan of the brand said.

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