Deborah Knight reveals shock cancer diagnosis: 'Not the best news'

Kristine Tarbert
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Former Today show host and Channel Nine presenter Deborah Knight has opened up about her shock skin cancer diagnosis, taking the opportunity to urge people to get regular skin checks.

The 48-year-old revealed her health scare on her 2GB radio show this week, sharing that it was "not the best news".

channel nine deborah knight
Deborah Knight revealed her health scare on her 2GB radio show this week. Photo: Instagram/deborah knight

"I got my results from the bioscopy on the bump on my nose that my dermatologist was worried about," the journalist said on Afternoons with Deborah Knight.

She said she shared the news with Ray after she had been wearing a 'big whopping band aid' on her nose this time last week.

"It is a small basal cell carcinoma," stressing, however, that it is "not spreading" and is "not urgent".


"So, it's a small cancer and it's nodular which means I've got to get it cut out. I've got to go under the knife.

"But get your skin checked, we can't afford not to in Australia. We are the skin cancer capital of the world," she concluded.

deborah knight today show
The former Today show host will need to 'go under the knife'. Photo: Instagram/today

In June last year Aussie star Deborah Hutton also warned fans about getting their skin checked regularly, sharing shocking post surgery snaps after own cancer scare.

The 59-year-old media personality shared a photo of her face to Instagram after having stitches removed from another major surgery to remove two skin cancers.

“Early detection is everything!! Don’t delay,” she captioned the image.

“To look at the area around my nose prior to surgery, nothing was visible to the naked eye. Only my dermatologist flagged it months earlier... So don’t stuff around with your health!”

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