Daycare employee fired for body-shaming five-year-old

A young boy has been fat-shamed by his daycare teacher. Photo: Getty Images

A daycare employee has been fired after body-shaming a five-year-old boy and publicly claiming he should be ‘put on a diet’.

The drama first unfolded last week when US mother Francesca Easdon sent her son Kyler to school with a seemingly straight-forward, sweet note inside of his lunch bag.

“Please tell Kyler that his mommy loves him so much and that I’m thinking about him,” the message read.

However, in a shock twist of events, the five-year-old’s lunch bag was sent home at day’s end with a harsh responses written in black.

“No!” the note began. “Put him on a diet and go away!”

Before receiving the reply, Francesca, who lives in Texas, said her family has been working with her ‘extremely picky’ son to make healthier choices — and had discussed their nutrition goals with Kyler’s school, hoping they would be supportive.

After confronting the school, Francesca took to Facebook to urge parents to be extra cautious when choosing where to send their children for daycare.

The daycare has reportedly fired the worker following the incident. Photo: Getty Images

“Instead of the school being supportive I am in absolute shock at what happened,” she wrote.

A ‘livid’ Easdon contacted the school and arranged for a meeting, bringing her mother-in-law for support.

“I was assured it was being investigated and handled, yet almost no remorse was shown,” she said.

According to Francesca, the teacher confessed and was fired, but the school still showed ‘zero remorse’ for their actions.

“I am disgusted that I put my trust in these people to care for my child and this is what I get in return,” she continued.

“I have removed Kyler from this daycare and am enrolling him in a beautiful new facility. I’m worried about the higher cost but I will make it work, no matter what I have to do.

“Kyler’s safety comes first...I’m extremely hands on with my child’s care and still didn’t see this coming.’”

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