Kochie's new show blasted as major miss for 'average Aussie'

Penny Burfitt
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David Koch’s new show has been blasted online for its depiction of the average Aussie household, and ‘crap’ budgeting tips.

How to Make $10k in 20 Days may have the perfect mix of information and snappy rhyming, but it didn’t save the show from being panned by viewers who slammed the ‘average Aussies’ chosen for the show, and accused the show of catering to the wealthy.

The show helps contestants implement tips and tricks designed to tighten up their budgets, and race other contestants to the monetary finish line.

David Koch isn't getting much love online after his budgeting show hit screens on Wednesday night. Photo: Seven

The premiere episode introduced competing couples Jana and Tim who earn $150k combined, and Mick and Rebecca who earn $83k, who had to tighten their purse strings, and pick up extra gigs, to try and nab the titular $10k.

Viewers are not impressed

Viewers didn’t seem very impressed however, and they weren’t shy about saying so.

“So many Australian couples aren’t even close to 150k a year... crap program,” one viewer wrote on Twitter.

With Tim and Jana reaching the goal largely thanks to the sale of Tim’s boat, viewers voiced scepticism that the show could be helpful to the average person.

“The couples chosen for this show are highly selected... Not helpful for the average #Australian,” another wrote.

What does the ‘average Aussie’ earn?

The average Aussie income pulls in about $110k. Photo: Getty Images

The average Australian household income is estimated to be around $110k, however there is enormous disparity between the top and bottom earners.

Research group McCrindle reports that while the top one-fifth of households earn in excess of $200k, more than one-third of households earn below $50k.

Kochie is often hailed as a finance expert with a background in accounting, and a trailblazer in financial journalism.

Though there was some positive feedback - one woman who called the show ‘useful’ - overall the Sunrise host seems to have missed the mark with the average Aussie.

“How about using real people who can't afford going out for coffee and breakfast everyday or a family with two pretty nice cars and a caravan,” one viewer suggested.

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