Dave Coulier Says He'd Do 'Fullest House' Spinoff 'in a Heartbeat'

Dave Coulier

Full House remains a beloved sitcom decades after it first aired on television. And its Netflix spinoff Fuller House was a blast of nostalgia as fans got to experience the Tanner daughters as adults. But could there be another era of the beloved show on the horizon?

A recent conversation between Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey) and Candace Cameron Bure (DJ) revealed that Coulier would be interested in a Fullest House spinoff. During the June 7 episode of the Full House Rewind podcast, Coulier pitched his idea for another iteration of the sitcom.

"I would do Fullest House in a heartbeat," he told Cameron Bure. "Want to hear my pitch? Want to hear what it is?"

He continued: "It's all of us, we're all adults. So it's kind of like Friends because we are adults now but we update it to we've all moved into the same a couple of houses away from each other because we can't move away from each other."

Cameron Bure suggested the Tanners live in a cul-de-sac, and Coulier agreed that would be an ideal setup.

"So we're just in each other's lives, like in Seinfeld and Friends, but we keep Danny Tanner alive by...We just cut back and we re-live moments with Bob [Saget]. So it might be using some earlier footage from the show. But we kind of get to keep Bob alive."

To that, Cameron Bure added, "Like, 'Oh, remember when Dad did this,' or, 'Dad would probably say this right now.'"

"Yes," Coulier said. "And we'd just write really funny scripts that revolve around our lives now where we can't get out of each other's lives."

"I'm in, man," Cameron Bure declared. "I'm in," to which Coulier replied, "I think it'd be fun."

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The Full House Rewind podcast shared a clip of the conversation via Instagram, and fans were 100 percent down for a Fullest House spinoff.

One person wrote, "Would love to see more of DJ and Steve as an actual married couple. YES!"

Another Instagram user commented, "I mean Bob wasn’t in a lot of Fuller House episodes, and it did 5 seasons. So I think it’s worth a shot," while someone else exclaimed, "WE NEED FULLEST HOUSE."

Meanwhile, yet another fan wrote, "I LOVE THIS PITCH!!! What do we have to make it happen?! Because we just can’t get enough of this family.❤️❤️❤️❤️."

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