Dante Gets Ambushed! Tory Kittles Dishes on His Complicated Father-Son Relationship on 'The Equalizer'

We only have two more episodes before the Season 4 finale of The Equalizer. We're happy to see the show has been picked up for a fifth season, but we're already agonizing over the months until Season 5 premieres! This week's episode is Dante-centric and Tory Kittles, who plays Marcus Dante sat down with Parade for an exclusive.

What happened in last week's episode of The Equalizer?

In “Legendary,” Dee (Laya DeLeon Hayes) asks her mother, Robyn (Queen Latifah) to help find her transgender friend when the teen goes missing. Meanwhile, Dante (Tory Kittles) is surprised when the parole officer for his father, Big Ben (Danny Johnson), approaches him to chaperone his dad for an out-of-state trip.

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What happens in this week's episode of The Equalizer?

In “Condemned,” this week's episode of The Equalizer, Dante and his father are ambushed on their way to a funeral by a group of suspicious attackers and a major family secret is revealed. Meanwhile, at a block party celebrating 50 years of hip-hop, Aunt Vi (Lorraine Toussaint) tries to maintain her status as the reigning queen of the annual cobbler baking contest and Dee suspects a mutual friend may have stolen prize money. Robyn spends time with her ex-husband, Miles (Stephen Bishop).

When Dante fails to show up for his shift at the community outreach table, a concerned Robyn goes to search for him.

As viewers know, Dante has a pretty complicated relationship with his father, yet he still calls him "Pops" and he followed in his footsteps and joined the police force. What's the source of the internal conflict and will Dante ever get past his feeling of resentment for his dad?

Kittles isn't sure how that will work out.

"With the revelation of a family secret in episode 8 this season, it's going to be tough for Dante to get past the resentment of his father," Kittles tells Parade. "But Dante is a good hearted man and knows that holding on to resentment will only eat away at himself."

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With a confirmed fifth season, what does Kittles want for his character in the upcoming season?

"Dante has proven he can handle himself pretty well, so I’m looking forward to seeing more action for him," he said.

And what about the slow-burning fire that is Dante and McCall? You'll have to check next week's Parade preview of The Equalizer for Tory Kittles' answer to that!

Does Parade have a sneak peek of this week's episode of The Equalizer?

Check out this Parade exclusive sneak peek from this week's episode of The Equalizer. New episodes of The Equalizer premiere Sundays at 8 p.m. ET on the CBS and are available to stream on Paramount+ (live and on demand with subscription).

Check out images from the "Condemned" episode of The Equalizer

Take a look at some select images from the "Condemned" episode of The Equalizer in the gallery below and tune in for the episode on Sunday, May 5 at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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