Dancing with the Stars: Schapelle Corby shocked by star's apology

Schapelle Corby was back on Aussie TV screens as she made her debut on Channel Seven's Dancing with the Stars on Sunday night.

The convicted drug smuggler dazzled the audience, performing the Viennese waltz in a stunning semi-sheer red dress. But it was a moment after her dance that left the 43-year-old a little shocked.

Schapelle Corby on Dancing with the Stars performing the Viennese waltz
Schapelle Corby performed the Viennese waltz. Photo: Channel 7

"My hopes for this season of Dancing with the Stars is to make it to the end, and also lose some weight," Schapelle said in an intro clip played before her dance.

"I have had a tough decade and I'm here to really experience it."


Schapelle had previously starred on SAS Australia but only made it through to the second episode. Speaking to host Sonia Kruger after the performance, Schapelle admitted "I've been so nervous, crying out the back".

One of the show's more skeptical judge's, Todd McKenney, then issued an apology to Schapelle, revealing he thought she was "going to be crap".

dancing with the star's judge Todd McKenney
Todd McKenney surprising Schapelle with an apology. Photo: Channel 7

"I have to apologise to you in fact, because for whatever reason, I don't know why and it’s unfair of me, but I thought you were gonna be crap," he said.

He also went on to give her some pointers, suggesting she "move with more freedom" in future performances.

Viewers also took to social media to admit they didn't think Schapelle would perform as well on the show.

"Schapelle was a lot better than what EVERYBODY thought she would be," one person wrote on Twitter.

"Schapelle was surprisingly good," another agreed.

Leading the all-star cast is the very first Dancing With The Stars champion, Bec Hewitt, back to reclaim her crown after 17 years away from the spotlight.

Bec was joined by fellow returning dance champions, including TV personality Tom Williams from season two (2005), Home and Away star Ada Nicodemou from season three (also in 2005), TV presenter Luke Jacobz from season eight (2008) and chef Manu Feildel from season 11 (2011).

Other stars waltzing their way onto the dance floor include radio star Fifi Box from season six (2007), actor Lincoln Lewis from season nine (2009), recent SAS Australia recruit Erin McNaught from season 12 (2012), interior designer Kyly Clarke from season 14 (2014) and TV presenter Jamie Durie also from season six (2007).

Alongside Schapelle, other wildcard entrants include former Bachelor Matty Johnson, TV host Renee Bargh, and model and actress Jessica Gomes.

News of Schapelle's new TV gig received a mixed response on social media at the time of the announcement, with many users airing their opinions on the casting choice in the comments section on the official DWTS Instagram account.

"Dancing with convicted drug smugglers? I’m out," wrote one.

"So I can go to jail, then I'm considered a star? Geez, I really need to look at my life choices better..." added another.

"I thought it was about previous celebrities? Just lost a viewer," said a third.

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