Dan Andrews blasted after Olivia Newton-John gaffe: 'You tool'

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Victorian Premier Dan Andrews has made an embarrassing gaffe after spelling Olivia Newton-John’s name wrong in an important tweet.

Olivia Newton-John passed away aged 73 on Monday after a 30-year-long battle with cancer.

L: Olivia Newton-John smiles in a pink blazer. R: Dan Andrews looks into the camera in a suit.
Dan Andrews misspelt Olivia Newton-John's name on Twitter. Photo: Getty

Mr Andrews was announcing that Olivia’s family had accepted the state’s offer of a memorial service, but his mistake was quickly slammed by irate fans.

“I’m so pleased that Olivia Newtown-John’s family have accepted our offer of a State Memorial Service,” tweeted Mr Andrews’ official account.

Twitter users quickly picked up on the extra ‘W’ that Mr Andrews had added in Olivia’s last name, and didn’t hold back.


“You can’t even spell her name correctly, you tool. It’s Newton, not Newtown, but let’s face it, this extravaganza will be about you…” one wrote.

“His media team have obviously put aside proofreading and spell check. Embarrassing,” added a second.

“It’s Newton NOT Newtown. With the amount we pay for your PR team they could get the spelling right” another pointed out.

While the tweet was promptly deleted, a number of Twitter users had already taken screenshots.

Screenshot of Dan Andrews' tweet where he writes Olivia Newtown John
Dan Andrews spelt Olivia Newton-John's name wrong on Twitter. Photo: Twitter/danielandrewsmp

On Thursday, the Victorian Premier gave the public some more details about what the memorial will look like.

“I think it will be much more of a concert than a funeral,” he told Sky News.

“It will be an appropriate celebration of such a rich and generous life."

Rebel Wilson’s key advice from Olivia Newton-John

This comes after Rebel Wilson revealed the key advice she received from Olivia.

The actress played Olivia’s daughter in the 2011 film A Few Best Men and penned an emotional tribute to the late Aussie legend on Instagram.

In her lengthy Instagram post, Rebel shared that the Grease star tried to give her health advice years ago, but admitted she wasn’t ready to listen.

“You tried to teach me about health years before I took it seriously. You were so kind to me and it was such a blessing to know you Olivia,” the actress wrote.

A Few Best Men film, Olivia Newton-John has her arm around the bride and Rebel Wilson
Rebel said it was an 'honour' to play Olivia's daughter on-screen. Photo: Icon Film Distribution

The Senior Year star recently shed a massive 35kg in 2020 by prioritising exercise, after declaring it was her 'year of health'.

Rebel is well known for starring in the Pitch Perfect films, and she touched on how Olivia had a huge impact on her career path.

“Seeing you star in the huge Hollywood blockbuster Grease with your natural accent was so instrumental to me as a little girl, helping me to believe that it was possible for an Aussie girl to star in huge international musicals,” she wrote.

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