Daisy Lowe reveals confidence battle and says her mum makes her proud

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Daisy Lowe said she still faces daily confidence battles despite being a successful model.

The daughter of fashion designer Pearl Lowe and Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale, 33, began modelling at two years old but she admitted she has had to deal with rejection from a young age.

Speaking for Diet Coke’s Love What You Love campaign, she told the Standard: “For me, confidence comes and goes. It is ephemeral and I wish that wasn’t the case. If I could give myself confidence every minute I think my life would be a whole lot easier. I’m sure everyone’s would.

“I’m still trying to battle with feeling confident every single day. I started modelling at a very young age so I got confidence from that in some ways, but I also had to deal with rejection.”

She added: “I’ve worked really hard as a model over the years; I’ve done the endless rounds of casting with my portfolio under my arm. And sometimes I got my dream job and other times I’ve been rejected, but you quickly learn to pick yourself up and go again – it’s definitely shaped the woman I am today. However, I’ve always loved being around creative individuals and I’m very grateful for my career.”

Her secret weapon is her designer mother Pearl who is her “greatest confidante” and makes her feel proud.

Daisy Lowe says her mother Pearl Lowe is her 'greatest confidant’ (Getty Images)
Daisy Lowe says her mother Pearl Lowe is her 'greatest confidant’ (Getty Images)

She said: “I have so many incredible women in my life who inspire me everyday. My mum is so kind and she creates beauty where she goes; she’s a true trail blazer...

“My mum always told me to try and be just really present. I wish I had listened to her more at a younger age but I guess as a teenager you think you know everything.”

The former Strictly Come Dancing star also credited her grandma and her best friend Portia Freeman as incredible women in her life.

“My grandma is so strong, very funny and such a tough cookie. She has always been my inspiration in the kitchen and Portia is pure sunshine, she radiates happiness. They all make me very proud to be a woman.” She added.

As part of the fashion-focused campaign, the model has been really re-evaluating what it is that she loves and makes her feel good in her skin.

“I’m terrible at following trends – I’ll be the first one to hold my hands up. I’m much better at just figuring out what fits and feels good on my body and I’m such a sucker for anything that is comfortable,” she said.

Daisy stars in Diet Coke’s Love What You Love Campaign (Diet Coke)
Daisy stars in Diet Coke’s Love What You Love Campaign (Diet Coke)

“I’ve just been through my wardrobe and done a bit of a cull. Everything in there I would still wear, but my sister, she’s just a bit like ‘Daisy, you can’t wear that it’s a bit too short now, you’re a bit too old for it!”

Although she is selling her £1.8million Camden home, the London born star has no plans to leave the capital.

She added: “Absolutely not! I definitely plan to stay in London - I love it here and I’ve always called it home.”

Daisy Lowe is part of Diet Coke’s new Love What You Love campaign, which will see five style icons take part in an intimate film that reveals what inspires their unique style. The series will kick off on Daisy Lowe’s IG Channel on March 24 at 7pm.