My Dad’s Simple Trick to Tell When a Watermelon Is Ripe Is So Genius

It guarantees perfectly ripe watermelon every time.

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Getty Images/Allrecipes

Watermelon season is here and, I don't know about you, but I’ve personally made it my life’s mission this summer to eat as much watermelon as humanly possible. With its high water content—92 percent to be exact—few foods are as refreshing and synonymous with summer as watermelon.

Even though watermelon is at its best this time of year, choosing the perfect watermelon can still be a tricky task. Nothing is worse than putting in all of the work cutting into a large watermelon just for it to taste like virtually nothing. Thankfully, though, I’ve spent years grocery shopping with my dad who has always taught me the best tricks on how to always pick the ripest watermelon.

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When I was younger I used to think my dad was a magician as I watched him tap, analyze, and slightly squeeze various products to discern their quality, somehow always picking perfectly ripe fruits and vegetables. But over the years he’s taught me the best ways to determine which fruits are the best to purchase and consume, including the simplest (and most effective) way to always pick a ripe watermelon.

The key lies in a simple trick: examining the spot on the watermelon’s bottom side. You can always tell when a watermelon is ripe—or when it isn’t—by the color on its bottom. To pick the best, most ripe watermelon look for a slightly yellow, almost creamy color on its base. When you see this, you know that the watermelon will be perfectly ripe and ready to be eaten. On the other hand, if a watermelon has a pale green or white spot on its base, that means it is immature and not ripe yet.

Beyond using this tip to discover when a watermelon is and isn’t ripe at the grocery store, it’s also great knowledge to keep track of when a watermelon is ready to eat in general. For example, if you’re shopping ahead for a party or event, you purchase a watermelon at its unripe stage and wait for it to turn slightly yellow before eating.

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